Saturday, 30 June, 2007

Worst PJ ever!

You know there should be law against people like this guy. Picture had a very busy day (and dat too after a long time). Imagine roaming around in the city in the temperature of 34 degree, sun draining out your energy and patience..u got the picture na. So after such a day you come back home and you login on Gtalk to catch up with some friends.
And you came across this fella who completely drains you out by PJs!
Sample this conversation I had with spectator (referred to here as S). My thoughts are in italics:
S: 4 elephants sitting on a tree branch. one of them falls off. Why?
Me: Dunno
S: There wasnt space enuff for him.
Me: Kya bakwaas!
S: Another elephant falls down. Now tell me why?
This time i tried to play along. I tried my hand at it and it was best by my standards.
Me: To accompany the earlier one
S: No! First elephant had caught on to his leg so he also got carried down.
Me: ????????????
S: Ok now one more of them falls down. Guess why?
Me: No clue
S: No! He thought its a jumping competition.
Me: I gotta go to market.
S: Arrey wait na. Achcha the last one also falls down. Y?
Me: to accompany others?
S: No baba. The tree pushed him. Then the tree also fell down.
Me: Beyond me to guess.
S: Coz tree thought he is also an elephant.
Aaarrrrgggghhhhh! What can i loose if I kill this guy? I think I can plead not-guilty on grounds of self-defence! Any lawyers out there?
So Spectator, I admit when it comes to cracking PJs, you take the cake, oven, bakery and baker!!!! But for christ sake, Spare me!!!!!!!


Spectator said...

Ha Ha Ha... supernova, i never thought about the situation of listner... wat to do... u've got to bear ur frns !!!

Spectator said...

btw, this wasnt the worst PJ... i'll let u know wat is called a worst PJ !!!

Rodrigo said...
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Supernova said...

aa-oh! I dont think im intrested in dat spectator. Dis one was enuff to last me a life time.

SPD said...

eh huh huh....:(:( how come u write so effortlessly??? i am ZHELLLLOUS!!!!!!!! huh huh:(:(

Supernova said...

Thanx for dat SPD:) Bt trust me, dis was quiet fresh in my mind wen i wrote it. Infact i was still talkin to Spectator while composing this.

Rebellion said...

LOLLLL. I can't believe this! You need a lawyer? I need a doctor! :O
The one-of-the-worst-PJ's, actually made me go LOL! :P

Supernova said...

ya now toh even i laugh at it:D