Friday, 15 June, 2007

I Wish...

Remember the fable where a man was granted 3 wishes? Well sometimes I too long for such an opportunity. Only problem would be how to accommodate my wish list in just 3?
I wish it snowed in JUNE!
I wish I could fly n go least i'll be spared the traffic jams.
I wish I could eat eat n eat without putting on even an ounce of weight (not that it bothers me even now.)
I wish no one smoked on this earth (for details, read this)
I wish my mom would stop asking me to clean up my room:(
I surely wish I can remember the names of people i meet with their faces. Imagine when I come across someone in a mall or multiplex greeted with a big Hiiiiiiii, a hug, smile n all that. n all this while im staring blankly at the fella wondering, " I know i have seen this fella somewhere. I know him. but what the devil is his name?"
I wish to be able to get movie tickets for any movie, any time, any where. Even if i try to get tickets for a Prime Time show of a so called block buster at like 5 minutes before the show begins.
I wish my friend (lemme not name her) stops giving me a piece of her mind everytime i tell her about some acquaintance i made online.
I wish people would stop asking me n my mom about my shaadi. Its not gonna be for atleast another 5 years ok. n how the devil is it anymore concern to you!?!
I wish I could clear out memory of any bad words i said to someone dear (unknowingly) or any bad decisions i made (wow...dat was senti type)

They say, If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.
Im glad it's true. coz u see..i don't know riding:P


Spectator said...

i wish watever i wish would come true.

Supernova said...

I dont wish dat. sometimes i wish for things i dont really want just in the ehat of the moment.