Saturday, 30 June, 2007

Going back to forwards

Empty mind is a devil's workshop. But my mind has become a time machine taking me on nostalgic trips down the memory lane.
Its been a good 6-7 years since I opened my 1st e-mail account on Rediff (I wasn't much of a computer addict back than and dis e-mail account also I opened coz one of my friends was going outta it was more of a 'have to' thing for me). But later on I got kinda addicted to it. That excitement of composing e-mails and more than writing, reading e-mails. A new way of doing things. Funny coz dat time I dint really get any mails of significance (not dat i get them now even but..wateverrr) still that anticipation while opening the inbox of ur mail ID and reading 'you have x new/unread mails'...priceless! And since there wasn't anything of significance sent to me, what i looked forward to were the Forwards. Yup those non-personal mails dat u get telling you some story, joke and mostly some sorta funny animation, often with a trail of previously forwarded IDs.
Now there are many who find them irritating, impersonal (Someone send some crappy joke to 100 people and he/she clicked on your name too..big deal! just makes you part of the crowd) and complete junk eating into the storage space of your mail account..blah blah blah.
But heylo.....they are not meant as someone-is-thinking-about-you token! And they are not crappy alwayz.. u get quiet interesting pics and links through forwards. Though i admit those chain mails are indeed a pain in u-know-what. Curse of the evil tweety (how can such a cute bird be termed evil!), God's eye (an image clicked by space of superstition and science going hand in hand) and Virgin Mary's name it. These will come with a condition that send it to 10 friends in next 1 hour or you'll be cursed for the next 10 years blah blah blah. That really bugs no end.
I don't forward them ahead but so far i havnt been haunted by any evil spirit (I guess so!)
Other than that, I dont have any issues with forwards. Too bad i dont get them anymore what wid all my friends buzy wid office and all. But still when i am on nostalgic trips like these, I go through some of my old mails...feels good:)


Neo said...

SN - Ha, I have like 8 email account, guess I have an identity crisis. LOL


- Neo

Supernova said...

8!! and how many of dem u use actively?

Spectator said...

shall i forward this to ppl :P

Anonymous said...

let me tell you very honestly, the main purpose that these forwards serve is that even on days when you are not getting any real emails, they make you log on to your inbox... view or perhaps click the banner ads that show up there, and if the forward is leading you to a new page, then view or click on the ads over there as well!!! so its all marketing at the end of the day you know!

Supernova said...

Spectator: Sure. Go ahead:)

Crazy Marketer: mmmmm I agree. Used to get lots with stuff from Sunsilk Gang of girls;)