Wednesday, 30 May, 2007

Why do u smoke?

"I like to think of fire held in a man's hand. Fire, a dangerous force, tamed at his fingertips. I often wonder about the hours when a man sits alone, watching the smoke of a cigarette, thinking. I wonder what great things have come from such hours. When a man thinks, there is a spot of fire alive in his mind--and it is proper that he should have the burning point of a cigarette as his one expression."
-Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged)

No offense to the great thinker but I personally don't endorse this view. Before I go any further, let me clarify one thing...I HATE SMOKING!! AND ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING ASSOCIATED WITH IT- the smoke, the smell even the people (*Ahem, well ok so there are a few exceptions to the last one but ...whateverrrrrrr)
Dunno when it all started and how but some how i alwayz had this problem with Smoking. so much so that i grew allergic to this cigrettee smoke (I puked once with too much of this passive smoking!).
Someone once said, how can u hate smoking without knowing what its all about. So here I am..trying to find out the reason people luv to hold this flaming stick between their lips. Please vote here...
Results will be displayed soon. Watch this space:)

Thursday, 24 May, 2007

Blaming the Social Communities?

The Social community haters now have another reason to rant against these sites. Esp orkut which is almost alwayz drawn in middle of some or the other controversy. At times it is misuse of profile, child pornography and now lo n behold..A MURDER!! Of Kaushambi Layek by some guy called Manish Thakur.
The love story started in the AC three tier compartment where the accused met Koushambi Layek who was on her way to the training centre of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The relationship gradually evolved through scrapping on Orkut. (See Kaushambi & Manish's profiles). As per the reports, she was killed coz manish dint want his wife (Yup! he was married!) to know of his fling.
Sad. Depressing to think that someone so young (she was 24) met such an ill-fated and undeserving end.
But while i do feel bad for the tragic and untimely demise of Kaushambi, I cant help but ponder if it is right to blame orkut and other social communities for crimes like these. They simply provide a platform for people to meet each other. That's it! You decide whom to talk to, you decide whom you trust,you decide whom you give out your number to & you decide whom you actually meet! Then where does blaming orkut and sites like these come from?
And though the rate of cyber crime has increased by leaps n bounds (for example in delhi), by no means it justifies abolishing and bad-mouthing the cyberworld. Going by this ideology, tomorrow if a mishap occurs due to a Mobile phone conversation, will we blame the service providers?
While we do remember there are quiet many weirdos and psychos out there and we ARE careful, somehow we choose to think otherwise in the cyberworld. The people we meet online are very much real persons and even though they might fake their identities, they cannot fake their thinking and mind frame. and here toh u cant even see them!
Now few friends of mine might be rolling their eyes with a look-who-is-talking look. For them i wanna clarify that Im NOT suggesting that makin friends online is a complete No-No. Hell..i myself have come across wonderful people through orkut itself. But one needs to be careful keeping few pointers in mind as one is while crossin a road.
As for Kaushambi, May god rest her soul in peace.

Sunday, 20 May, 2007

What to rite??

Dis is a question to all the millions of bloggers out der in the blogosphere (in case u happen to chance upon my humble little blog)
What do u do when u feel like writtin for ur blog bt cant decide on something? or simply dunno wat to rite?
U see, i have been thinkin abt dis since last 4 dayz...but result is zilch:(
Waiting for ur replies.

Friday, 11 May, 2007

Im loosing it....Heeeeelp!

Darlingz, this is an SOS message! Something wrong somewhere. here are the cases in point.
Case 1:
A msg i had sent to a frnd:Hi, If you are coming to office tomorrow, don't forget to get my First Victim and your Prodigal Daughter. C ya!
I was actually referring to:
First Victim by Ridley Person
Prodigal Daughter by Jeffrey Archer

Case 2:
Frnd: I'll talk to you tomorrow. feeling a bit low.
Me (bugged since it was the 4th day i was hearing this): Fine. then you continue feeling low ok. Y dont u go to Kanyakumari n feel low huh.
Frnd: ????????

Case 3:
Me: Dont tell anyone that i said dis ok.
Frnd: Ya rite! as if i have nothnig better to do den discuss you. who do u think u r? Mahatma Gandhi?
Me: No way man. im not bald n i do wear clothes.
Frnd: U need a doctor

Case 4:
Frnd: I cant sit for long. my backbone is damaged. it has shifted a bit to the left.
Me: So how does it matter. the only difference wud be dat now ur right shoulder is bigger than the left one.(Dont ask me what was dat. I've been tryin to figure it out ever since)
Frnd: I'll talk to u later

Case 5:
Situation: I and Adi goin on a break. It was drizzling on n off. It stopped and we moved out. it started raining again. I looked at the clouds
Me (loud & clear): What is dis huh? were u lk waiting for us to move out? cant u make up ur mind? u wanna pour, u pour. u dont wanna pour, u dont pour. Dont play these games ok.
Adi (to people in genral): Ok. I dont know her.

All this in last one month!
*sigh* what's wrong with me? Am I seriously loosing it? Or is it the heat wave? Or maybe its the April effect. (thinks for some time, then like alwayz shrugs and says, Uffff! Whateverrrrr!)

Ooops! Its 8PM!!

So while the majority thinks that the increasing incedences of rape & sexual assault against women are result of various cultural & social factors (some even think its due to globalization!)apparently the Karnataka government has a different point of view. As pwer them, the cause is WOMEN!!!! They move out of the house at night and thus call for trouble themselves..So the solution..Ban on women working after 8PM!Talk of thinking out of the box huh.
While terribly irritated with this line of thought, it got me thinking. What if someday our very own Delhi gets inspired by this! Considering that Delhi tops the list of most unsafe metros in India, it seems like quiet a possibility. already getting jitters to think what all we'll face if this law is implemented in delhi. (to make the scenario more hideous, lets assume that it
forbids women to move out of house after 8PM!)
Just imagine:
  • No jobs in call centres (night shifts)
  • No late nite movie shows. forget that, not even evening shows ending 9PM!!
  • Forget what a disc looks like from inside (or attend one in the afternoon, if any. Eeeewwww!)
  • Late night parties? wats dat?
  • You mite even have to pay fine if you are found out after the 8PM deadline. It doesnt matter that u got stuck in a traffic jam. (keeping a fake moustache handy mite help;))
  • No evening gowns/evening wear dresses will be designed
  • Nite outs?????
  • No late nite eating out.
  • and missing out on those late nite long drives
too depressing. i cant think more.
Meanwhile, the only thing im sure of is, Im not shifting my base to Karnataka.
Bye for now.

Tuesday, 8 May, 2007

What to Crib about?

Hie! Somehow I'm feelin lk giving in to the most basic female past feelin lk cribbing. but crib about what?Hmmm lets see...what can i crib about now.. Hey u all, no need to get jealous ppl. its not that i dont HAVE anything to crib. On the contrary, there are quiet a few things. Even if there wrnt, trust a gal to cum up wid something to crib about at leisure;) You don't believe me huh..lemme tell you wat all is pissing me.
I cud crib abt how my life going aaaaaaaaaaa nowhere. Things happen on an auto pilot. You wud think dats ok..chilled out but IMAGINE AN AUTO PILOT IN A HURRICANE!!!
I cud crib abt how I dont feel lk workin in office n i sit for 9 hours in front of my PC just passing time or reading/composing bakwaas blog posts lk the one im writting right now (Yup, im in office). Once upon a time, i used to hate people doin this n now....sigh well, hota hai.
I cud crib abt how I completely hate my workstation rite next to a passage with people passing by every nano second. n i esp hate this i-want-to-see-what-is-she-doin-on-her-pc inquisitiveness in people. dey enter the room through that cursed door and dey HAVE TO see what i am doin!! Y? y oh y cant u just mind ur own biz huh? Dont u have anything in life to do? wrnt u goin for some work? den MOVE ON!trust me, im not maintaing a spy file on u ppl dat u have to ensure im not writting any unsolicited remarks( n even if i am, how the hell can it affect u!!!) Cum 2 think of it, its a basic human nature. look around u and u'll find many specimens of this bt lets talk abt them some other time ok.
I cud crib abt this super hot, boiling, roastin, burning heat of Delhi..It feels nothing less den a volcano crater (exxagerated i know bt remember, im talkin abt cribbin!) 2 minutes outta house and u wudnt know if u r wet from water or sweat. YUCK!
Or I cud be a nice responsible delhiite and crib abt wat a super mess dey have made outta river Yamuna. It resembles more a drain rather than a supposedly holy river. Or dat the roads r bad n buses r crowded and city so unsafe for women. Or about how completely irrational is this idea of women safety by Karnataka Government.
I can crib about how its already 2nd week of the month and i still havnt got my salary n boy am i BROKE! Y dont des people realise that some people actually lead their life hand to mouth (esp like her who just cannot control der shoppin urges!)
I can crib abt all my friends who work 5 days a week and make sure not only to update me abt der wonderful plans for an entire SATURDAY but also gimme call atleast twice during entire day tellin me how their day is goin! its so that 'I dont miss out on any fun' (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarghh i need a gun!)
I can crib about how Im just not able to finish off this 'Mein Kampf' I have been reading since 3 weeks now (long time by my standards). It simply goes on and on...partly also coz i think im not able to stick to des 3 weeks i have read 2 other books as well bt then......watever.
And lastly,
I wanna crib about how both the 'crazies' (this & this) have completely abandoned this shared blog with not even a single post on it(wait...dat means dey never took it up in the first place! ). And lemme clear...its NOT b'coz they cannot write bakwaas ok. U dont believe me, read it here.

So u see..there r soo many things i can crib about.but i still dont know wat shud i crib about?any ideas anyone?

Monday, 7 May, 2007

The Multidimensional FUCK!

Now now now people get your mind outta gutter ok. This is not what you think it is (naughty naughty;))
As promised, so delivered. In this post, i had missed out on a very prominent slang of a slanger's dictionary. Today's slang tutorial is about the multidimensional word-FUCK!(Mind it..its about the expression ok).
Evoluting from the traditional meaning of the word, its surprising how it has moved and accepted in different realms of human emotions & expressions
It expresses surprise, happiness:
Wat u sayin man..Fuuuuck!
Ha! dats a fucking kewl thing man.

Anger, Frustration &impatience:
Dont ask yaar! Fucked up big time. #$*%^
What the Fuck man! This sucks big time.
Wat fuckin crap is dis!?!

Even abuse & indifference:
Why dont you mind your own fuckin biz huh.
So what, i dont give a fuck.
Its time you stop fucking around
Fuck Off/It!!
Eeeewwwww! what kinda fuckin hair colour is dis huh?

Talk of evolution of words huh.I wonder what will come next. Any ideas?
newayz, how the fuck do i care.
Have a nice week:)

Friday, 4 May, 2007

It's Raining!

YIPPEEE!!! It's such a beautiful weather. Thank You Mr. GOD! After weeks of scorching heat roasting your skin, when you open your eyes one morning to a cloud laden sky...feels simply WOW! Who goes to office on a day like this :P
This reminds me of rainy day in school. Those 'write an essay on rainy day' sessions and dancing in the rain (not like our bollywood actresses.puhhleeeeeze)

Other than that, when i think of rain, i think of:
  • Pakode (Yummmmmmy) & Cup of hot tea
  • gili mitti ki khushbu
  • Nice refreshing breeze
  • Rainfall, clouds (ofcourse!)
  • No blazing sun (What a relief)
  • Umbrella (rather the search for one in all the nick-n-corner of the house)
  • Frogs ki tarrrrrr tarrrrrr
  • All sorta spiders, worms & crawlers venturing outta der now-flooded homes (awwwwww poor things!)
  • Swimming pool sized potholes filled with water
  • Bumper-to-bumper traffic jams
  • Escalated auto-rickshaw fares (If you stay in delhi, you know what i am cribbing about)
  • Anu Malik, the original cap-ped singer of bollywood singing Dekho baarish ho rahi hai, It's raining....
  • Sanjay dutt jumping around, Aala re pous aala
  • Aishwarya Rai (now bachchan) in barso re megha megha
  • The innumerable wet saree scenes churned out by machine called Bollywood (im not gonna rite abt them ok)

Isn't rain simply super enjoyable! esp when you are sitting in a balcony with a cup of hot tea in your hand and not stuck between honking cars in some traffic jam (like me)? jealous huh?

Newayz, Im goin to enjoy a 2nd round of pakodas. Yummmmmm
Have fun!

Dekho baarish ho rahi hai.....

Wednesday, 2 May, 2007

Being a SLANGER!

I plead mercy to the all those who swear by the virtue & santity of Queens English (including our dear tradaptor), but puhleeezee do not expect it from me. For me, the spoken langauge is spiced up with latest lingos and slangs.Words which were considered foul once now have a status of pride (Adi loves being called this), words are used to get out of situations and exclaimations are no longer about only punctuation marks or your tonality...I and people of my clan prefer to create words to express ourselves.

The purists call us the GenXers, confused, SMSers. Well I call us..SLANGERS!
Its quiet intresting to see how different are the reactions of a purist (referred to as Sane in this post) and a slanger in a same scenario.
Here is a contrast of a sane person and a slanger:

Ques: So besides this, tell me what are your hobbies?
Sane: I like reading, listening to music & making friends
Slanger: Ah well i go online, blog, read n u know...whatever

Hey did u hear that super amazing song from 'Life in a metro'?
Frnd: The name of the movie is Metro.
Sane: Oh! ok..maybe i got it wrong
Slanger: Ya ya whatever

I got a new cell-Nokia N95
Sane: Congratulations!
Slanger: Sexy yaar...dats super kewl!

She asked me to help her out with her report. i told her she can do it herself good enough; afterall she has ben here 6 months more than me na ;)
Sane: Good..gave her a taste of her own medicine
Slanger: You are such a BITCH! (delivered with a wicked grin)

You 'goofed up' and are now in the line of fire getting a piece of someone's mind and you dont want it coz it wasnt your fault!!
Sane: You are not getting my point.i dint do anything.
Slanger: Yaa, w-hhat-e-va! (rolling eyes)

You have to be in office by 9. If its 9:01, it gets marked as half day.
Sane: Thats bad. it doesnt make sense at all!
Slanger: What CRAP! Sue them!

Hey! how come you did not call me up last evening? You said you will.
X: I know i did but my cell died on me.
Sane: I dont believe you
You are lying
Slanger: Ya right! (accompanied with rolling eyes & a sarcasm loaded tone)

Anybody and everybody is a sweetheart/baby/sweetie/darling/luuuv..
It doesnt matter if you met the person 5 minutes back.

So, welcum to the world of Slangs! Interpret at your own risk!;)

PS: Missed out on a major slang but that deserves another post.