Thursday, 29 November, 2007

Know me

Another Tag, thnx to Adi..though she dint exactly tag me but i kinda liked it so i picked it up myself...
So brace urself as yours truely reveals some unknown until now facts about herself :P

Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it. Burn mark on the back of both my hands..i got it at age of 7yrs through an electric shock (people say dats wen I went a bit off-track..wateverr dat means)

What does your phone look like? My phone, is a Nokia 6270 and it looks bulky.

What is on the walls of your bedroom? Like I said
here, absolutely nothing.

What is your current desktop picture?

Im on a nature loving trip these days.

Do you believe in gay marriage? Ummm gay as in happy… as in GAY..never bothered to give it a thought. N neways, none of my concern dude.

What do you want more than anything right now? Ummmmm curl myself inside a blanket and sip a cup of nice hot ginger tea…sigh! Pure bliss!

Are your parents still together? Yes, and at times together against ME.

Last person who made you cry? Im the only one who can make myself cry buckets.

What is your favorite perfume/cologne? Ummm never really bothered for perfumes…but I guess anything dats nice n a bit subtle will do.

What are you listening to? Right now to him listening to constant sound of the generator and ofcourse tapping of my keyboard keys. But b4 dat I was listening to Enrique

Do you get scared of the dark? Are you kidding? I like making out shapes in dark.

Do you like pain killers? Sure..i love them..arnt they yummy….wat crap man..WHO likes pain killers huh..i never tk painkillers coz dey r addicting.

If you could eat anything right now, what would it be? Im feeling lk having a pizza..nice hot crispy yummy pizza…yummm

Who was the last person who made you mad? Myself ofcourse..nobody else is dat important.

Who was the last person who made you smile? Mr. bean

Is someone in love with you? Ofcourse..all around me. You just cant help fallin in love wid me for one reason or another...& if u say dat u dont den u r simply LYING :P

Three Things in my life I can never let go of
1. My will power
2. My stubborn attitude (snobby)
3. My ego (ya ya heard all about how bad it is n shud have ego n all bulls**t..keep it to urself)
4. My novels
5. My frnds n family (ok dis was purely for the senti touch :P)

List 5 things that you want to say to people but never will. Don't say who they are.
1. And I thought u knew me well
2. Did god forget to put some grey cells in dat big bloated head of urs
3. Y cant u just let me be
4. You think I care
5. Get this n get this straight..i NEED not tell you every single detail of my life

Five Things I’d Love To Do Before I Die
1 Learn how to whistle. Dat typical mawali whistle dat requires u to put ur fingers in ur mouth. I wanna whistle in a multiplex in the middle of a movie.
2 Dance in the rain in the middle of a busy road
3 Live in a tree house..I loved the tree house in “George of the jungle”
4 I wanna go on a pirate ship…and if the captain is as hot as jack sparrow ah well, dats a bonus ;)5 Travel randomly

Five Things I Will Not Do Even If It Kills me
1. Smoke a ciggie (though come to thnk of it…smokin kills)
2. Date a married man
Ummmmmmmmmmm cant think of anything else..watever I had in my list of things I’ll never do end up happening to me so cant say.

Five Things I Do When I’m Away From The Public
1. Talk to myself
2. Think in restrospect
3. Laugh like crazy
4. Poke my nose ( gross i can get :P)
5. Bath and daily ablutions

Five Fav Sentences/Quotes
1 Wateverrrrr (ppl around me are thoroughly bugged wid dis wrd)
2 What Crap!! (picked up from my ex-boss)
3 Duuuuuuuuuuuuude (accompanied wid a surprised voice and rollin eyes)
4 Ya rite!!
5 Uffffffffffffffffff!!!

Five Things I’ll Make You Wish You Didnt Do, If You Did
1. You called me a BIMBO
2. Take me for granted
3. Boss me the one who’ll do that ok
4. Touch my hair...i absolutely hate it
5. Make me wait for u

Now time to tag ppl...i tag Spectator and Lazyman

Monday, 26 November, 2007


Seems like I’m leading a very noisy life. As if there wasn’t enough decibel levels generated by the National Capital Region’s vehicles and metro work, there was that band practice outside my office then there was my footgear (which I promptly got changed) and now suddenly people have started complaining about my major source of communication to the outside baba, dey rnt bugged by my voice..its my PC’s keypad. My major source of communication with the world around me is primarily my computer…my blog, messenger, social networks I m part of, emails blah blah blah.
The problem is that though im mute while typing, my keyboard literally yells. And wid most of the people in my office working through laptops..anyways the sound levels are quiet low (even those band walaahs are done wid der rehersals) so the sound of my fingers hitting my keypad is exceptionally pronounced (ahem well ok so I admit dat I do punch dem a little harder but still…).
“Do u plan to completely get done with your keyboard lady?”
“OMG Relax!! You’ll make me deaf one of these days”
“U pissed?”
“Arrey wats dis sound man…who is hitting whom!”
See what all I have to jhelofy…good thing that none of it bothers me. As I put final touches to this post, I have people around me glaring as if I have completely lost my mind..but u know the bestest part? I SIMPLY DON’T CARE!!!
And if u r wondering the sense of this post den lemme tk u out of this misery...there isn’t any. I felt like writing and couldn’t think of something quick so I came up with this…n newayz, the female of species don’t ever need a reason or topic to ramble about;)

Thursday, 15 November, 2007

Burned by Agni

Frnd: You must have heard of Agni
Me: Agni…I have heard of agni missile
(not wanting to be caught unaware, I made a google search on agni)
Me: And ofcourse it’s a service provider in Bangladesh- Agni Systems. But y r u talking about it?
Frnd: I was talking about Agni- the disc @ Hotel Park. Google search is not always a nice option u know.
Me: Damn! Oh gawd can I please please disappear from the face of this earth

Thursday, 8 November, 2007

Diwali chaos

By now, u all must be quiet used to me cribbing about whatever festival or seasonal wave coming to the city (monsoons, wedding season etc.) so lemme not disappoint you all...afterall you are my darlin, precious readers :P And anyways i was feelin like posting something and had no concrete topic in my mind so here it diwali ramblings.
A. Im not a festive person (seems lk im a not-many-things-person na but later about that aspect)
B. I dont like too much noise and i completely abhore smoke and pollution (dont ask me how I survive in this city...waise post CNG drive things are very controlled out here)
C. Not being very social (unless through internet:P) I dont have any social obligations so no gifting sweets and chocolates (BTW, I completely adore poeple who gift chocolates to me and never ever expect me to gift the same to them). So after the pooja and all is done (dat too isnt exactly my cup of tea) and my parents leave to fulfilll their social obligations, all that is left is me and ummmmmmm me.
Tryin to watch TV or talk on phone is an excercise in vain..with so much noise, how can u hear anyone? So its mostly SMSing friends or sending e-greetings.
SMSing reminds me this funny incident dat happened to me few yrs back. I got his really beautiful n nice diwali SMS from some number. That number was not in my phonebook but looked very familiar so I confidently called up the number. On hearing Hello in an unfamiliar voice, I realised my folly. Anyhow, since the person had send me a msg, i had every reason to ask who it was..
Me: Hi..I am Supernova. May I know whom Im talkin to?
He: Hi this is Z this side.
Me: Well I just received an SMS from ur number..Do I know you?
He: You are Supernova?
Me: Yup.
He: And you got a message from my number?
Me: Dats rite. But im not sure I know you.
He: Well I was in your college yaar..don't you remember me.
Me (totally zapped): WHAT?? You were in MY college?
He: Yaaa
Me: R u absolutely sure?
He: Haan surprised you dont rememeber me.
Me: You know dats really strange indeed. Coz I was in an all-girls college.
The silence that followed on his end was PRICELESS!!!!
He: Oh! Then you arent the one im talkin about.
The worst problem is trying to sleep on the D-nite...The moment you are on the brink of steppin into the dreamland, BOOM and you are rudely woken up by your neighbourhood cracker enthusiast. And those cracker chains of 1000, 5000 and 10000 crackers are like pure nightmare...they go on for lk 15 minutes atleast and post that too you can hear them for atleast another 10 minutes buzzing your ears.
I was never much into crckers..just some harmless and noiseless phuljhadis for me untill i got burned a little by one of the flames and bid adieu to that too.
So overall, diwali dsnt hold much significance for me other den the holiday I get:P
This pic greeted me in the morning:
Delhi (the Connaught Circus are to be precise though Im sure things werent very different any other parts of the city) yesterday eve.

(click on the image to enlarge it) Image: Timesofindia
This bird's eye view sure will make you come up with words like festive, glittery, beautiful, enchanting and all. But im sure if we take a poll of people who were stuck in this 'picterisque moment', they'll be more then willing to enlighten me with the other side of this full of lights picture...Imagine covering a 10 minute distance in 3hrs!! Seems like the entire is city is out on the roads moving from office to home, home to markets for last minute shopping and gift distribution to friends and official contacts. And today is expected to be worse..
Anyways, dats nothing to me coz im surely not planning to move out of my house for the rest of this week (though right now im stuck in the office but then dats an entirely different story).

Have a nice time this diwali, have fun n take care of yourself and those around you :)

Wednesday, 7 November, 2007

Working hard

You know you have been too much into corporate communication (inform of emails n tele calls) when after scrutinizing a product in a chic showroom, you tell the attendant, “Fine I have everything with me..We’ll discuss n get back to you.”
For the rest of the day, I dint hear the end of it.