Saturday, 29 November, 2008

A Random Post

Heya! anyone still visiting this once-thriving-now-obscure blog....heylooooooo anyone alive!?! Well back and u cud say back from the dead (i mean back before my blog became entirely dead).
all those expectin to get a peep in my life and some reasons of my hiding all this while well sorry to disappoint you sweeties...none of that. infact if you have to know, im writing this post wid a particularly blank mind right now and under pressure from someone who practically prohibited me from writing a farewell post (do i hear ppl gasping?). Yup u read it right. i was planning to write a farewell post..and y not? y keep something alive wen i cant take care of it? i mean when was the last time i wrote something...really wrote something here? it was dat tribute to apple...gah!
And guess what...its NOT AT ALL because nothing has been happening in my life offlate, no sir. on the contrary, a lot..A F**KIN LOT has been happening...and that seems to have taken away my enthu to write. ders too much to think, too much to decide and too many troubles. So much so that instead of sharing the thoughts and feeling light abt it, i dont feel like posting anything here now :(
And offcourse the unpleasant activities and events taking place off late haven't really crash, TV strike giving my mom enough free time to lecture me every evening how im taking my life nowhere and des terrorist attacks on wen u hear such depressing news first thing in the morning....guess this is the season...absolutely nothing no where is going right des days.
der are ppl who got too busy wid der life to be in touch, der were some who deliberately decided not to be available and all this pissed me soo much that i decided to turn a blind eye to the remaining who wanted to talk to me....pretty dumb na.
and the people who quite unknowingly helped me get through all this thanks to der constant nonsense will be soon going away thanks to some circumstances beyond anyone's im gonna miss them big time and this thought is making me miss them even before they have left:(
I guess i'll stop now.
Rest will come later...dunno when.