Friday, 6 June, 2008

The Godsent Advisors

In these times of increased inflation and rising prices, only god made things are free (that too only god knows till when. we have started payin for water anyway). But there is one thing thats man-made but is still i aint talking abt MC-BC abuses and pollution n all that...its ADVICE.
im sure half of u must be noding ur head in agreement and some must be givin sheepish looks....yes im talking to u smartheads who believe they have been blessed with all the worldly wise gyaan and take up the altruistic task of making others move the 'right way'
Im sure you all must have across such god-sent specimens sometime or other (if you rnt one yourself). There are few things quiet peculiar about this breed.
They dont need anyone to seek their advice or opinion. For them its an understood thing by some unwritten unsaid code. When you are telling them a problem, they automatically wear their problem solving hats and shoot out advice and gyaan about how you are all wrong from the beginning, how you shud have actually handled the situation, and how to go about it now.
Some of the premium range of advisors dont even need you to approach them for anything...they'll see you doing something and automatically the helpful soul in them will encourage them to tell you how to go about the task. If they dont know what you are doing, they will ask you to tell them what things are like. Now since you arent the puuuuurfect soul like them, you obviously are not doing things exactly the way they should be and you need some gyaan.
You should do things differntly but only till they approve of it. As long as you live your life under their able guidance and follow their expert advice, you'll learn more and you'll progress (nevermind the direction of the progress though).
There is nothing that they dont know...they have been there, done that and done that the best way it could be done. So dont ever think that there is something they have no idea about or lets say that there is something they cannot SAY anything about. So whether its the Kashmir issue or the global warming or what AC you should buy or even what hair colour wud suit you best...heed the words of the know-it-all!!
People say listening makes you wise. but these godgifts are already soooo packed with greycells between their ears that they need not hear or listen . So they speak...and they just have to speak. Petty issues like whether they are asked to give in their input or if its something of their understanding dont bother them in the face of worldly good of enlightening the ignorant souls. They would happily interrupt anyone who is saying something...afterall their thoughts are more important to be heard na n neways what cud u mere mortal have to say to them that they dont already know :P
Ooo i could go on n on...but on a more serious note, someday i would really like to ask them why do they have to disperse their pearls of wisdom without being asked? Cmon man, if i ask u something, that makes sense ki i had it comin. but here i am all blissfully happy in my world and BANG you come and paint it all mess!! Have some sense of self-worth and talk only when you are being talked to and that too to people who value you...incase you dont realise (which i think u dont), most of the poeple are waiting for you to get done with your articulation so that they can get back to their work.
But i know i will never do that...i'll never go upto them and actually give them this eye-opener. You see...i fear another gyaan-session comin my way..and i doubt if i'll be able to stand it.

Wednesday, 4 June, 2008

Starting all over again

What does a pavement chalk artist go through when his labor of hours in creating a vision on the footpath gets ruined by rain...and he cant do anything other than just sit and watch it all wash by?
or when your sand castle gets washed away by waves of the sea?
the irony is that in all these cases, the end result was both evident and expected. the chalk artist cudnt possibly have expected his creation to remain there for days. Similarly, sea waves were not an unexpected catastrophe, was it?
then y does one invest so much of energy, dedication and emotions in those creations? and if it does then y rnt we mentally prepared wen all that is taken away from us..y does it hurt so bad?
She was living a nightmare where she is dropped in the middle of a desert and her ctretches are taken away from her. Can she walk without them? she dsnt know cos she never tried. and now she is scared to even think about it.
He was her support a way he was the reason for her existence. She never lived a life for herself, she simply was never aware of this concept. her day started and ended with him, in her quest to make his life easy, she never got time to notice her own quality of life. Was she happy? dat was directly proportional to his happiness. Was she satisfied with her life? this was an alien question to her since neither did she recognise her own life nor the significance of this question.
And now after 48 years to togetherness, he left her. Suddenly she is facing a huge void in her life which she has to fill. only that she dsnt know what she shud fill it with? What next? what now? Its not that this was never to happen, infact she saw it coming but somehow she cudnt prepare herself for this. how does one prepare to face a wipe out...her life was wiped out. she had a clean slate in her hand and she had to start afresh.
Could she do it; she didn't know. She had never tried and now what did she have a reason to? why? what for? "Live for yourself now. Do things you always wanted to do, go to places." people told her. But her wishes and desires were loooong ago buried under her responsibilities. She cudnt remember what was the last thing she really wished for that was for herself. now she just have a life to live but nothing to live it for...she is looking for another reason to live...its sad she is not capable of living her life for her self anymore.