Monday, 18 June, 2007

Talk Talk Nonstop

TRAI says Indians talk the most on mobile phones after their counterparts in US. Well so we do.
Its interesting to note how people talk on phone. If he/she is on the move as in walking, they stop in their way to talk while there are others who if sitting will starting walking (mostly in to-n-fro motion).
They'll whisper while talking to someone sitting across them in a restaurant but give them a call and they'll scream at the top of their voice.
And the most interesting one is when someone receives a call while in a noisy place like a bus. "Hello. Im in bus rite now n its too noisy. cant hear you properly. Will talk to u later ok...haan bolo...achcha? toh usko bolo ki kal aayega...nahi aaj its not possible. baad mien baat karta hun ok...haan...kal? kitne baje? see if u can arrange for the tickets...ok..haan...." and it goes on getting regularly punctuated with talk-to-you-later!
And man the stuff people talk about. You can find housewives discussing some recipies, latest twist in daily soap, maid trouble, kids-dont-listen-to-me, where to buy what from and ofcourse the latest purchase...ofcourse list dosnt end here.
Shopkeepers and vendors require cell phone to take orders for home delivery of vegetables, fruits n grocery items. "Madam, aap hamara number le lijiye. phone karke bata dijiye kina samaan chahiye. hum pahucha denge"
Maids (who des days are almost as imp in running the house as lady of the house) need to keep track of all the houses they need to go to. "Hello madam, haan main aa rahi hun. Abhi 506 mein hun. Aadhe ghante mein aa jaungi. Arrey nahi madam main chutti pe nahi hun"
And ofcourse there is another segment of people like yours truely for whom mobile is a means to overcome boredom, occasional bouts of insomnia when i call up my friends @ 2AM in the nite only to ask 'Wassup? Sleeping kya?'. ( sure one of des dayz, i'll be murdered for this.)
Besides boredom, keeping in touch with your friends, bitching, gossiping (dats true only for gals...maybe), cribbing blah blah blah. So many things you need this phone for.
My dad sayz phone is a added hassle which people have made out as a functioned perfectly fine 2 decades back.
Well dad. i dunno how people lived in dos times (i was too small) but 2day, I dont think we can and..oh 1 sec..i got a call.

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Spectator said...

there r two types of talkative indians:

type 1) those who don't know mobile is actually MOBILE n they can talk even while walking !!! one would be walking peacefully on the way n all of a sudden he pauses coz he's got a call on his cell. he'll finish the call n resume his walk.

type 2) those who really utilize the MOBILITY of mobile. he'd be sitting on a chair peacefully n all of a sudden he'll start walking to-n-fro coz he's got a call...!!! once my frn reached AGATE hostel from TOPAZ hostel while talkin he realised this only when the call was over. (FYI, distance from TOPAZ to AGATE is about a km !!!)

Supernova said...

lolz. I agree.