Wednesday, 27 June, 2007

Wrong Number

Seems like this is season for Flash back trips for me. Got reminded of this wrong number call I got a few years back. I was having my final year exams. Next day was my paper for an exceptionally tedious and boring paper and I was at my wit's end.
Me: Hello?
He: are you?
Me: aaaa Hi, who is this?
He: Achcha, so now you don't even recognize me huh

Me: mmmmmmm Im sorry bt i really am not able to place you.
He: Ok tell me dis evening's plan is confirmed or u want to cancle it again?
Me: Huh? Sorry. Wrong number.

Me: Hello
He: So you are still angry?
Me: Listen its a wrong number!
He: Ok baba. Im sorry for what happened ok. Ab theek hai?
Me: Listen, you have dialled wrong number ok.

He: Dekho pushpa, ye jo tumahra attitude hai na, ye bahut galat hai. Arrey every time u do the same thing. I wont tolerate it anymore!!
Me: huh??? You check the number you have dialled ok. Stop pushing the re-dial button!!

Finally I had to switch off the phone. If I hadn't been so pre-occupied with my exam, It would be have been fun playing around but the timing was wrong:(
Hope dat Mr. who-so-ever-he-was was able to contact who-so-ever-he-wanted-to. Poor thing sounded completely exhausted.lolz!


Spectator said...

hello, is it noopur???

Supernova said...

wrong number spectator:P

Adi Crazy said...

Awesome! :D
I once got a call where i answered the call and the blessed guy asked "hello? whom do u want to speak?"
I freaked out- and hung up -and switched off mi cell. Jeez!!

Azaan said...

he he..hilarious... even i had an incidence to recount when it comes to wrong number phone calls...only that i was the anonymous someone who called up and created a little terror on the line:):)

Supernova said...

Adi:U hung up?i expected u must've played along and cmpltly mindfucked the guy himself:P Were u also pre-occupied like me?

Azaan: Well i've tried making crank calls myself but never succeeeded. B4 saying a word, i wud burst out laughing:(