Thursday, 13 December, 2007

Mehndi Torture

I wrote (or rather cribbed) about the impending wedding season but forgot to mention the most intricate part of this season for gals n women..nah its not shopping..( u guys really cant think beyond gossip and shopping wen someone mentions women na..hmph!) Its decorating ur hands with a sorta herbal tattoo by making intricate designs....we know it as applying mehndi or heena. Some women also apply it on their hair and men on their beard giving it a kinda rusty luk (wat a pathetic way to hide whites huh :P) bt dats a different matter.
The only cumbersome thing about applying mehndi is that for 2-3 hrs u r in a way without ur hands. While some take it as an opportunity to have friends and family members at ur beck-n-call der r some who find it irritating since it leaves them at others mercy for mundane tasks as drinking water and itching...urs truely no doubt comes from the 2nd school of thought.
To avoid dis i genrally opt to apply mehndi on only one palm at a time. However one of the couples getting hitched dis season was my brother as well so goin with the flow I decided to deck up both my palms and even feet (as an afterthought only)
OMG the torture I had to stand:
  • It was December and mehndi is obviously cold so my hands freezed.

  • I obviously cudnt eat and drink water…though I generally don’t feel hungry, dat time I was suddenly starving. And no one in the house had ‘any time’ to feed me.

  • When eventually someone did feed me then it wasn’t my chice of food. Instead of what I want, I was given morsels of “what’ll be good for me” which obviously tastes pathetic. *sigh* it was either that or starve.

  • Nothing beats a cup of hot ginger tea in winters...but imagine when u r offered the same with a straw!!!! Arrgh!

  • Y is it that wen u know ur hands are as good as not being der at all, suddenly u feel as if ants are crawling all over you…trust me itching is the worst form of torture.

  • Winters coupled wid mehndi results in u feelin cold and dis often results in nature’s call. But der is absolutely no way u can attend to it!! :O this is almost as bad as itching in terms of torture, if not worse.

  • When you have to make sure that absolutely nothing and no one touches/brushes by you, you end up bumping into everything and everyone. Be it curtains or furniture (which is very much at its place and not lk in the middle of the passage) or people.

  • Not to forget that comments like, “oh! Now you are no of help”, “so for next 4 hours, you are good for nothing huh” and “can u like just stay in one corner and imitate some piece of furniture!! U r blocking the way!”, “u dare stain my shirt and den u see wat happens next” (this wen I was standing at one place and not even moving!!!)

*sigh* see its sooooo tuff. So next time when you wanna really reallllllllllllly torture someone, put mehendi on der palm and feet. As forall these people..i’l see to them next time when I undergo this exercise..what? u thot I’m done wid it for a lifetime? NAH!!

Update: This is MY pic :)

Tuesday, 11 December, 2007

How to get ready for office early!

ROFL:D Man i simply adore des guys!!
Only a supremely lazy and i-hate-gettin-up-early-morning person like me can admire and value the sheer genius of this line of thought.
If only it was possible!