Wednesday, 31 October, 2007

Defending the Ostrich

Disclaimer: This post is not aimed at raising awareness about the endangered species.
Why are you in the habit of running away from facts? Y don’t you confront them? Closing your eyes wont make them go away……blah blah blah. I have lost the count of number of times I have got this gyaan in some form or another about this ostrich syndrome of mine.
While I have no trouble with listening to something good, I fail to understand this up-against-arms attitude people have towards this. First the basics: Ostrich syndrome basically refers to a state of mind where you refuse to accept a situation as real.
Your 1st reaction would be criticizing this thought process. Running away from reality after all isn’t a nice thing na..or so we preach.
My question is what if this so called reality is an impossible and terribly painful proposition? A situation or a truth that you cannot undo by any means and moreover, if you face it, it can hurt you big time. Now tell me, in such a case do u still advocate that one should face it and bear the pain it inflicts? Or simply avoid the confronting it and live in blissful ignorance.
I remember something I read in The Zahir by Paulo Coelho..It was something like If you ask yourself if you are happy is a trap..coz if the answer is no then you have to do something to make the situation better or you’ll be worse off then before (des wrnt the exact words but this is the crux of what he wrote). So in such a situation, I am not asking myself if I am happy with what I have or not coz in case I think im not, den I have to get what makes me happy and if I cannot..den Im doomedL So think what you may have to, preach what you do but for me…ostrich is a savior.

Saturday, 20 October, 2007

Tak tak tak tak...

What’s the similarity between a fire brigade and ME (only des days ok)? We both announce our arrival. While the former does it through a bell (or siren these days), yours truly achieves this by her sandles. The leather piece dat usually covers the heel of a sandle to muffle up the sound of tak tak came off few days back n now I walk tak tak tak tak…..Its ok no please don’t restain urself, go ahead laugh. Everyone has been commenting on this toh y shud my humble readers be deprived of the pleasure huh.
Sample this conversation I had with a colleague.
He: Ur footgear is making too much of noise
Me: Ya I trying to walk slowly so that the noise can be muffed up
He: Its not working…u sound tak tak tak
Me: Very funny. I know dat. I think we need floor carpeting
He: No but u do need a new footgear. Everytime u pass by, sounds as if a model is walking.
Now im sure he wasnt complimenting me and personally even I don’t find the comparison any more flattering.
Nevertheless this comment suddenly made me so conscious that I actually was wary of walking the distance of lk 50m to get the phone!!! Finally I took dem off and sprinted to the table and got the phone.
Come to think of it, the problem isnt my footwear..its the people who are more receptive to sounds and things happening around them den on work (dats for u dude:P)...and ofcourse the bare floor that we have in our office. *sigh* till then i 'll have to look for a cobbler to get it mended or stop wearin it to office.

Wednesday, 17 October, 2007

Not making much sense

As I write this post, there is that live concert playing in the background (if you have a lost and clueless expression on ur face at this line, read this). They are playing a number from Himesh Reshammiya. And I find it irritating to no end. This makes me question why exactly do I hate it? His voice is a pain-in-u-know-wat but he isn’t crooning with these band wallahs na. They are simply playing his music which incidentally used to be quiet good (b4 it got repetitive). Guess we are so much into himesh hating mode that it dsnt matter if he sings or not…we’ll abuse with anything related to him in sight.

One of my collegues is really pissed coz he cudnt talk to the client with all dis noise in the background. I guess he also praying for this wedding season to get done with or maybe for some sound proofing done for our office.

Though spicy food dsnt bother me much bt rite now my mouth is on fire!!! And since its on fire, its watering. Ironical na.

Today I had to brief a new joinie about my part of work...just tell her what exactly I do and all dat. It was good..i got to play the Ms.all-too-important *smug look*. Realised that many things I had no clue about…had to save my face somehow...lolz:D

Accent seems to be my major issue these days that i am dealing with. I am talking to people in South of India and getting my point across and understanding their words is a big pain..esp when we have to exchange e-mail IDs!

Its so irritating when your internet connection starts crawling. A tiny 1Mb mail takes lk 10 mins to move its ass outta ur outlook outbox and wen that mail comes back undelivered..aaaaaaarrgh!

Height of fearing blueline travel: I come to office 45 minutes early everyday coz I get a lift with my mom. Sigh! For this stupid ride, I get up 45 minutes early, get dressed early and am sitting at my chair with the office guy doing the morning dusting and cleaning of the office furniture. But on the whole I don’t really mind it…gives me time to settle down in my work and all.

Today I got a letter from my bank effectively telling me that I need to have a minimum balance of Rs.10000 if I want to avail the ATM facility. WTF!!! As in I need to maintain this balance at all times. Imagine if u have your monthly salary of this amount- You can’t withdraw your 1st salary from any ATM!! And the very next line was some crap about good customer service. Bah!

Got this book from
lazyman called 'Notes To Myself' and seriously Im hooked. Its like there are some doubts budding in your mind since long and you never discussed them, not even with yourself coz u just never had words to put them in. And then someday you hear the words giving shape to thoughts in your mind. They rnt ur words but they are your thoughts. You hear/read them and u r like, "This is wat i wanted to say but dint know it until this moment." Thats wat this book has done to me. Though I dont agree with all the answers, it gave words to my questions. Thnx dude!

I guess that's it for now. I started putting it down yesterday at the end of my day and carried it to today my day has started. Hope it goes better :)

Thursday, 11 October, 2007

Dikha de Signaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal

Believe it or not, dats literally what I have been singing for the past one month.. my mobile phone signal is acting up des days..dis when I shifted to supposedly ‘the best mobile service provider of the country’ (umm lets not get into names ok)!. in this fast tracked and gizmo dependant life where you talk to friends on msgr, orkut n ur cellphone more often den u actually meet them, if ur cellphone signal ditches you, its almost as good as being in solitary confinement (none of my dearest pals is net-savvy so orkut n msgr is outta question)!
U all know, what a big headache switching ones mobile number is…informing all n sundry abt ur new contact number, getting it changed in the bank n office records blah blah blah. The connection I had been using for the past 2 years was not a very good one..infact it had its share of outta-network-coverage days and anyways was notorious as common-man’s-network. After much prodding from friends and all, I shifted to this so called better network in September (80% of my frnd circle was on this network) only to realize that my cell doesn’t catch signal AT ALL from my place! And dis is when the signal tower is like 300m away from my house!! On contacting the authorities was another fite..the customer care executive flatly refused to believe that I am having signal troubles (‘maam dats impossible..theres a signal tower rite der’) Finally wen I was able to contact these ppl, I got to know that it’s the problem with ONLY MY HOUSING SOCIETY and nowhere else in that area. Talk of being special huh! *rolling eyes*
So the moment I reach home, im outta reach for the rest of the world. The signal I get is like too meek to last more den 2 minutes..worst part is when my friend is all but bursting out wid enthu to share some juicy piece of news with me and while she is talking, the line got cut..i get her call some 10 minutes later asking me at what point I lost her (apparently, in her story telling mode, she dint realize the dead line and continued till continous silence at my end made her suspicious..lolz:D). After many such repeated instances, all my friends have given up on they either call me during the day time when I am busy in office or its we’ll-talk-wen-u-can-stand-the-entire-c0nversation.
And before you suggest, No I cannot change my number back to old one or some other provider. Too many people have my number now…and they are official contacts.
Last week I thought it was the end of my troubles..the day Vodafone was launched, suddenly I had perfect network signal even in the basement. Customer retention plan I thought. But dis weekend again I went outta coverage area…
To top it all on those rarest of rare days when my phone is showing full signal, it notifies my callers as switched off or out of reach. *sigh* will troubles never cease.Strange how can des ppl even afford to have such kinda customer complains unanswered esp with such close competition in the market…Maybe I will shift to another network (*this is in vain hope that someone working in a mobile service providing company will read this blog, get inspired and hunt down all such complains in his network)

Thursday, 4 October, 2007

Band bajega

Wedding season is round the corner ppl and im getting goose bumps just thinking about it..already there is no escaping from it for me..nowhere. At home with the continually piling up stack of wedding invites, its the never ending discussions on the dresses and outfits to be worn on different ceremonies, weekends booked for haunting the malls and markets (for the unawares, shopping isnt exactly my idea of fun).
The wedding season hounds me even in my i dont work in a wedding planning firm. Couple of band walas (the ones who accompany the baraat processions) chose to make the empty ground across my office their practice ground. Morning 10Am till evening, i get to 'enjoy' this LIVE in concert performance with all the latest songs (ruined beyond recognition ofcourse). And to add to my perils, I am stationed near the window and my office isnt sound proof. The only funny part is while talking to a client, its weird to explain y he/she can hear the distinct sound of drums in the background; at times more clearly then my own voice!
I am not exactly enjoying-shaadi-n-all type. There are some things I find downrite irritating about this whole shaadi business:

  • The amount of noise generated by all these bands and DJs etc. Dude, good for you that you are getting married n all but must you deprive the uninvited of their peaceful sleep!
  • Traffic jams!! As if there is already any dearth in the city in this deptt..while the interior roads are jammed with baraat processions (at times 3-4 baraats in a stretch of 1 km!), main roads are blocked with hoardes of cars commuting from one venue to another. So the rush hours of 5-9PM gets extended till12. And don’t even dream of going out on a weekend…pure hell!
  • Unless you are part of the up-close wedding family, for you going to a wedding is like going out for dinner (you pay in form of cash/gift etc.). And I simply hate eating at crowded places with too much of kachar-pachar.
  • Have you even seen the amount of food that is wasted in shaadis!!??!! Though im not one of those think-of-the-hungry-kids-in-Somalia types, I can’t stand such blatant wastage of resources.
  • The amount of money that goes down the drain giving out gifts for these newly-wed couples. And esp those morning all of them are found lying mercilessly on the ground:(

And many more like this..sadly very few people endorse this view of mine...and definetly none at everytime someone decides to tie the knot, I am asked (no, told) to be a nice girl, dress up n be a part of the couples 'happiest moment' wat if I dont remember who they are to me. *sigh*.

Anyways, everyone, enjoy the wedding season...have fun!