Monday, 30 April, 2007

Ye kya hua?

Ever since i have been reading, there have been countless jokes about female of the species being all-so-difficult and so cant-be-understood type. here is what my experience tells me...All human beings are pessimists by default..esp MEN!

No matter how much they know you, how long you have known each other, one chance and they are ready to believe the worst of you!
And what more...once you are branded a culprit, there is no hearing on the matter.
You try to explain; you are trying to defend yourself 'Why is it so difficult for you to accept your fault? its always the case with you..everytime you do this...blah blah blah'
You still try; you are arguing, you are not even sorry....
And lastly..
I'm pissed. i cant let it go this time. We'll talk later.
And you? HA! You don't even come to know what hit you...
You just sit, staring at the phone trying to figue out when did it all start. HELL!

* Had a terrible terrible weekend so simply venting it out here. Guess im just frustrated.
Bye for now!

Saturday, 28 April, 2007


Finally after months of I'll-create-a-blog-soon promises to myself and friends (I was the ONLY non-blogger in my current gang), I decided to bless the blogosphere with my presence and thoughts.

So here is Supernova.... just like that.

Enjoy reading:)