Thursday, 1 May, 2008

Listen to this

Ok all you regular readers of my blog, you are in for a surprise....after you guys have been reading my cribbing and screaming for a year now, i decided to reward you all wid a differnt post...something like setting up the tone for this year.

Though not much into music n all (i like to humm along the song), but i came across this track by some band called Pacifika on You tube. And i liked it!! So much that i decided to share it with you all...I couldn't understand the lyrics (i dint even recognize the langauge) but still it was very calm and relaxing type (no its not YOGA and meditation music...cant u ppl ever take me seriously!).

So listen to it and do lemme know what you think of it. Ofcourse along with praising the track, some words about my classy choice are not ruled out;)

PS: I tried adding the video here itself but my PC was acting up so had to post the link...but that shudnt be a trouble just have to click only (any lazy finger out der!?!)

UPDATE: Though i like this song but i dont understand even a single word :( can anyone out here gimme a translation to the lyrics plzzzzzzzzzz!! Also, where cud i get more from des guys. lemme knw if u have any idea abt it :)