Thursday, 24 July, 2008

Linking the thread

Who breaks the thread; One who pulls it or one who holds on?
I read this quote somewhere and just cudnt let it go...finding an answer to this became a question of integral importance for me. I asked friends, put it on my gtalk status, it was even here on my blog for some time as a poll.
Who breaks the thread...
Some wud say that the one who pulls it coz he broke the equilibrium.
Pretty simple huh!?!
Maybe not...
At times its important to pull the such a situation the one holding it needs to let it go...on his understanding of the situation lies the onus of salvaging the thread.
But then again one can argue, shudnt one hold on to what one holds dear? Should one just let go at a small tug? What happened to standing by and fighting for whats yours and what you believe in? Is all that phoney?
No it isnt...but then you have to recognize a lost cause. While not giving in may at times salvage the situation but then if the other person keeps on repeatedly tugging the other end then you know you have to let go of it before it snaps into two. Recognizing such a situation tests the true metal of a person's logical and practical judgement and will power.
Wow! How convinient is that!?! So the entire onus of salvaging the thread falls on the poor soul who is not even initiating the tug in the first place. Why shudnt the one who pulls the thread bear the brunt of the mishap? Is it to be assumed that his judgement and decision of tugging the thread was accurate on all accounts? Couldnt his logical and practical judgement be flawed? And if it is, then isnt it the responsibility of the other person to bring out the true picture?

And the argument continues....

This is like those unanswerable circular mysteries of human thinking which dont have a concrete answer. And how could there be one when what we are talking about is human thoughts and behaviour.
While I was swinging between these 2 stances, there came a 3rd angle which made this entire excercise futile....What do you do with the thread if its not broken? If one pulls it and other does let go of it, the thread is intact but is it of any use? Whats the big idea about salvaging it when it is not connecting anything? When the 2 ends of the thread have drifted apart, is it any different from another piece of junk?

Any answers anyone?