Tuesday, 19 June, 2007

Penning down...

Last evening my mom's request to copy a few pages from some book for her brought me face to face with my friend from bygone era..My pen. I picked it up and sat down to complete the chore set down by my mom. What once was enjoyable seemed a struggle to me. "dats strange" I thought.
I picked up my pen close. We saw each other; as one sees a long lost friend. I think i had a smile of recognition on my face (cudnt see it obviously), I saw a smile of hurt.
"Hey, how r u? Long time huh?" I said starting up a conversation.
"Long time? make that 2 years and dunno how many months. Is dats how u keep in touch?" There was complain in that voice.
"Well I started with my office and there i was buzy with things. Just dint have time to get back to old hobbies. Its not i forgot you people..I couldn't spend a day without you two yaar, dont u know it!" I retorted at this complain, refusing to be held guilty.
"Hmph...if you can spend 2 years away from your friends then they are no longer part of your everyday life for sure. And you know it very well. The past tense in your words says it all sweetie."
"Ofcourse not!"I reverted back but defied conviction in my own words. I knew I had let them down.
Things had changed and how. From times when I couldn't get 2 straight lines outta my head without a pen held in between my fingers to today when I can't think without the feel of electronic keys positioned beneath my finger tips. After my final year exam for graduation 2 years back, I don't remember writing words for even half a page...It never went farther then a few lines.
Technology wat else!
"Are you writing it or again stuck to your phone?" My mom inquired.
I continued my struggle to copy down the words in a handwriting i could barely recognize..and read.


Spectator said...

ok, now today u ask ur key-board "Hi, sweetie, wassup !!!" n post it's reply !!! i'll luv to read that, if at all it's gonna say something nice bout u :P

Azaan said...

hi well, the very thought that a topic like this can make a fulll piece is beyond my understandingg... u make small things look glorious and big.. thats a good thing with your writing... ya me too how muhc i miss my pen

Supernova said...

Spectator: Well i mite just do that if i ever move outta touch wid my PC. Seems lk a distant possibility as on date.

Azaan: Its simply dat im now tooo used to typing. im sure dats the cae wid quiet many of us.

Crazy Marketer said...

Ditto with me... do use my pen everyday for notes n stuff, but not for writing a couple of pages or more. I wonder what that would be like, as it has been almost 4 years that I wrote pages :-|... I've gotta try that one of these days! nostalgic - 100%

Adi Crazy said...

Nostalgia strikes. Ouch! After having won the "Best Handwriting" certificate in school many times, I am ashamed of my highly clumsy handwriting today. Blame it on the key board. A dusty keyboard with a dull and bored-to-death expression has replaced my coveted glossy double sided pencil box. Supernova darling, you've revived my memories of golden days where ink pens and fragrant erasers were all I desired. Sigh.

Supernova said...

Crazy n Adi: Mission Accomplished:)

Rebellion said...

Ohhhh! You spoke my mind! I may end up blogging on this too, one of these days.

Supernova said...

Kewl! will wait for it:)