Friday, 29 June, 2007

Facing a wrong choice

"Life is all about the choices you make"
This is something i have alwayz lived by. There is nothing like pre-defined course of life. You, your actions and your choices have the power to shape your life and decide its course.
But what you do when you make a wrong choice? (To err is human, you cant alwayz be right na.) You made a choice that seemed like just the right path infact almost tailor made for you but as you progressed along, you realize its the wrong way! Forget the right it doesn't even lead to wrong leads to a dead end. No where to go from there. And you have come a long way...too far to turn and change course. Now what- Stop rite there? or continue walking till you reach the end? And then wat?
In times like these, I wish oh-how-much-i-wish to play the blame game..if there was some way to shift the blame to someone else..maybe god, maybe destiny or just anything dammit!! I dint know it was wrong seemed rite dat time. y will i choose something so bad for myself! But like someone told me last evening, maybe it was my delusion which made me see it as right course..i saw what i wanted to see and moved on.
Oh well, whom am i kidding. I made a choice and now i gotta stick to it, come what may.
And maybe its not an end after all. I guess I need to look at it closely, i might find a way out. Yaaaa..dats the way to look at it:)

Kinda messed up so took it all out here.


Adi Crazy said...

Wrong choices, eh?
I'm the wrong-est person to comment so I wont comment. :)

Spectator said...

just to add more, wrong choices are always attractive !!!

Supernova said...

Adi: lolz

Spectator: I agree. maybe dats y i made a wrong choice:P

Anonymous said...

hey!!! whats tht wrong choice ur regretting for....neways...i would say its just the matter of time....everybody makes a wrong choice atleast once in thr life time....but i think its the way i was supposed to happen....after all whatever happens happens for the best....everything teaches you something....mayy be the next time you know whats right for you....right!!!

Supernova said...

mmmm maybe u r rite nidhi abt everything happens for best bt its hard to relate to it wen u r going thru that phase. maybe wen im over it, i'll be able to look back and say the same.
bt ya im sure, i'll learn something from this:)

Anonymous said...

You didnt make a wrong choice, it might not be the best choice that you could have made, but you are definitely not going to lose anything... so why regret. like u said.. "I saw what I wanted to see"... if you realise you are repeating it as by calling "it" a wrong choice... you're again seeing or believing what you want to and not what it really is! so chill!!

Supernova said...

Thanks CM, dat was! Im just not sure im not gonna loose anything. bt nw dat im stuck to it, i just have to make the most of it.

Nepali Akash said...

This bloody life and living and all its confusions. UG Krishnamurti comes in right there and says:

When you are no longer caught up in the dichotomy of right and wrong or good and bad, you can never do anything wrong. As long as you are caught up in this duality, the danger is that you will always do wrong.

"There is no such thing as truth. The only thing that is actually there is your "logically" ascertained premise, which you call "truth"."

Why should life have any meaning? Why should there be any purpose to living? Living itself is all that is there. Your search for spiritual meaning has made a problem out of living.

So better keep living or get busy dyin'!!!

Supernova said...

Thanks for the comment Akash. I agree that truth is what u choose to believe in.
But i dont agree that life is not to have any meaning or purpose. Living just like that itself is like dying. There has got to be something that u live for.

BaKfIrE said...

'choice' is simply the only problem of life and life, a practical eg of 'butterfly effect'. But i so love it, taking your chances, beating the odds or rather getting beaten. Without choice,thus, makes the life a dull passover. Its a necessary evil dudette!!!

Supernova said...

backfire: mmmm ya bt its not alwayz easy to take the beating.

Anonymous said...

Well,I accidentally came upon this forum while I was searching for 'what to do when you're facing a dead end' in Google... So I'm probably having the same problem as you! But what you've already written made me think about... everything. I don't care anymore if the choice is right or wrong, it simply has been made, I have made it and now I have to cope with it and I have to do it for myself, not for anyone else in the world! Proving yourself that you can manage even the worst choice of them all, is ensuring that the good choices you will make will be even easier. In the end, it's the obstacles of life that make it so colourful and interesting =) Thanks!

Supernova said...

Hi Anon, well i wrote this piece quiet a while ago..things have changed a lot since then but i still do stand by everything i said. Im sooo glad u understand one main point and that is, "you have to make it work NOT for someone else but for urself".
Im sure as it happened in my case, things will be alright in ur case as well...hope to see you again on my blog in dos gud times:)