Tuesday, 12 June, 2007

Experienced Serendipity?

Watched this movie few dayz back. Fine so it was released in 2001 but i watched it a few years later..big deal! For the unawares, Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely. in short, accidental good fortune.
Though im not one for the mushy mushy fairy tale romance, i kinda liked the movie not to mention cute John Cusack;) but this is not about the movie.

It reminded me of a few incidences in my own life when I found something
while looking for something completely different (Though as things happen with me, i NEVER NEVER NEVER find the thing im lookin for @ the time im lookin for it but...whateverrrrrr!). Like when I was looking for a mag (some stupid stuff for
pass time), came across Alchemist by Paulo Coelho n bought it purely outta impulse.
Or when I was about to leave my job but had a chat wid my newly appointed boss n decided to stay.Met great people & learned a lot in those few months.
Or when during my annual room-tidying-up, I found my notebook with my music notes (Ahem, i was into singing once). I wrote it when i was in class 7- dats lk 10 yrs back!! I thought i had lost it somewhere.
I got to know about one of my very good friends after a gap of 8 years through his neighbour who happened to be my classmate. It was wonderful reliving through all those moments again while talking.
Went to watch Vivah (Ok...spare me the raised eyebrows n exclaimations!), dint get the tickets (reached late dats y) ended up watching Guru n simply loved it.
And many such incidences...they arnt big by any means. They dont effect the way you think, the way you react or even your outlook towards life..No way! But in your mundane life running after things when the only good fortune you expect is possibly lesser traffic n stoppage time @ the traffic lights, when you come across something like this, it makes you stop for a second and simply SMILE!!

So have a Smiling day:)

PS: Come to think of it, y did i include the movie? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Whateverrrrrr!


Spectator said...

have u seen butterfly effect or frequency?

Supernova said...

mmm nops but i have read butterfly effect..that blog u told me about.

Azaan said...

mujhe ye wala piece bahut hi achcha laga...was planning to write one on serendipity myselves!!!! u write good!

Supernova said...

Thanks azaan:)

Spectator said...

bade log badi baate !!!

Supernova said...

wat was dat for spectator?