Tuesday 1 April 2008

Crap on Idiot Box

Well well well so now on this day when almost everyone is fooling or atleast trying to fool someone, I decided to do something kinda different on my blog. So for a change, I will NOT talk about myself out here…no need to laugh so hard now ok…though kinda unusual, its definetly not unprecedented. I have earlier shed some light on a few bigger causes as well like here and partly here as well.

For a change last week I was watching TV and that too I choose to watch news channels…there was just one fella hogging the limelight. Some WWE guy called Khali…oops! It’s the Great Khali. News channels have gone completely ga-ga over this giant of a man. Some are even claiming him as a Superhero! Khali’s exclusive interview, exclusive footage of his gym where he trains (Aarrgghhhh!), what he eats, what he thinks, how he has terrorized the entire WWE fraternity n all that jazz.
Duuuude, is wrestling really that big in India? Or are they creating a hype coz Khali is the 1st export from india in this arena? Whats the big idea of making mountains outta molehills?

Another example being the Tanushree Dutta and nana patekar thing that was in news…1st thing that had me dumbstuck was…Who the hell is Tanushree Dutta?? After googling and boggling my mind, I remembered her as some beauty pageant winner...This lady had some issues with Nana Patekar and was thrown out of the movie and her car was smashed and all that jazz...now this is the only time i guess that this lady is in news post her paegent win along with a almost done with star for a movie which definetly isnt a very awaited one. If this isnt a publicity stunt then i dont know what is...

These days news channels serve more of a channa zor garam rather than a balanced diet. Agreed with some who claim that this is very much news..true. But from the look of it, it seems this is the ONLY news! Isnt there anything more interesting thats happening? Cmon man we live in a world with more than hundred countries...im sure something is happening all the time somewhere...y not report that?
Some say that this kinda news is shown coz there are poeple who watch it...so these news channels are doing nothing but simply catering to the market needs...but rnt they creating that market as well? If they can make people curious about this Khali and who is dating whom and who killed whom and who even slapped whom then why cant they create awareness about some good and worth it issues!
They dont think its worth it? Or they simply dont care about it? Afterall, if showing Govinda slapping some XYZ increase TRPs then why bother!?!?!


Spectator said...

u didnt know who's tanushree dutta?????? girl... waaaakkke up !!!!!!!!!!!!! n yaa... about news... u r sick of celebrities, i m just irritated by a very opposite reason... check out star news video i added in my orkut. that's wat they call newssssss !

Dragon said...

oh boy..i think Tanushree dutta has accquired some fame and u dont need to boggle uup ur mind to remmam her..and in the Idiot box they only bring the gala stuff so that all of us watch it..

it was a nice post..keep blogging

suren said...

lol..u just landed urself in one of the instances.. look with this perspective and u find all the media visual/print or watever is filled only with this crap but for a few genuine exceptions... until trp's rule we have to stand this hopeless ones

manorath said...

i have stopped watching tv for a long time after this crap.. news channels.. i don think thr is any news frm them

Wanderlust said...


I really feel like smashing the Tv nowadsys..

and i managed to get pissed by that Govinda issue

and the Tanushree one too..

serious crap

nice post!

gets the thing out on blog!

and ur

too lazy to read

is really irritating!!


keep posting!!



Supernova said...

Specy: Specy, u make it sound as if she is in news every 2nd day lk rakhi sawant.

Dragon: Agreed but she still isnt so prominent dat i rmbr her isntantly.

Sren: True mate...maybe now dat newschannels are working on TRPs, maybe ekta kapoors tear jerkers will provide some news :D

Manorath: Egg-xactly!

Wanderlust: Thanks..glad u lkd the post. as for the audio version of post..well i lkd the idea so posted it here.

andback said...

ookay that Tanushree Dutta bit was a little over the top. And to set records straight, the whole fiasco is bathed in the sleaze of bollywood and the pig-headed cannibalistic media today
read more on it here: http://www.santabanta.com/cinema.asp?pid=19537
cant find the original link tho
Tanushree is the victim here.

But i have to admit, im in college and i dont miss the TV one bit, during vacations i have headaches, theres just too much visual data!

And Khali! oh my god, i couldnt understand why they had to roll that story and the tape over and over and over again! It was plain ass dumb.

Oh and Rakhi! the Mika fiasco, then her taking over tanushree role, media airing her cribs for 15 minutes at primetime. I dont remember the Chief of Army staff ever getting a fraction of that.

Disgusting :(

andback said...

Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet

^ music for the times ... *sigh*

Supernova said...

Andback: U bet buddy...all this makes me feel glad that im more into internet rather den TV though internet has got its own share of mess.