Thursday, 24 May, 2007

Blaming the Social Communities?

The Social community haters now have another reason to rant against these sites. Esp orkut which is almost alwayz drawn in middle of some or the other controversy. At times it is misuse of profile, child pornography and now lo n behold..A MURDER!! Of Kaushambi Layek by some guy called Manish Thakur.
The love story started in the AC three tier compartment where the accused met Koushambi Layek who was on her way to the training centre of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). The relationship gradually evolved through scrapping on Orkut. (See Kaushambi & Manish's profiles). As per the reports, she was killed coz manish dint want his wife (Yup! he was married!) to know of his fling.
Sad. Depressing to think that someone so young (she was 24) met such an ill-fated and undeserving end.
But while i do feel bad for the tragic and untimely demise of Kaushambi, I cant help but ponder if it is right to blame orkut and other social communities for crimes like these. They simply provide a platform for people to meet each other. That's it! You decide whom to talk to, you decide whom you trust,you decide whom you give out your number to & you decide whom you actually meet! Then where does blaming orkut and sites like these come from?
And though the rate of cyber crime has increased by leaps n bounds (for example in delhi), by no means it justifies abolishing and bad-mouthing the cyberworld. Going by this ideology, tomorrow if a mishap occurs due to a Mobile phone conversation, will we blame the service providers?
While we do remember there are quiet many weirdos and psychos out there and we ARE careful, somehow we choose to think otherwise in the cyberworld. The people we meet online are very much real persons and even though they might fake their identities, they cannot fake their thinking and mind frame. and here toh u cant even see them!
Now few friends of mine might be rolling their eyes with a look-who-is-talking look. For them i wanna clarify that Im NOT suggesting that makin friends online is a complete No-No. Hell..i myself have come across wonderful people through orkut itself. But one needs to be careful keeping few pointers in mind as one is while crossin a road.
As for Kaushambi, May god rest her soul in peace.


Web Satan said...

Kya bakwasssssssssssss. slaa koun apna ladki dhuda? and koun apne liya ldaka? Dono bahut bakwas kiya . Mara koun na Orkut wa.

Well brothers and their sisters this is India.

All these incidents seriously amuse me about the indian crowd.

Spectator said...

I completely agree with u on this. Ppl think networking tools r the culprits. But guys, this had been a part of our culture even when computer was not in existence !!! Anyway, it's just a media fever. Ppl were bored enough by discussing bomb blasts n rapes. Good fuel for gossips in IT industry. Though, just to add another point, the so called culprit orkut, just helped Maharashtra police to crack one rave party !!!

so just think twice before blamming orkut. orkut is really nice thing, if u use it carefully.

Spectator said...

oh, that news is all in marathi... ha ha, here's the english version:

Spectator said...

n ya, here r the official reports:

azaan said...

Hi, thanks for your comment! your piece is rigging, and its so true... why blame the knife if u cant handle it yourself!! and ya for every thing,!:)

Supernova said...

Web Satan: I wont bother sayin u r rite.
Spectator: Thnx for all des links:)
Azaan: Rito!