Friday, 11 May, 2007

Ooops! Its 8PM!!

So while the majority thinks that the increasing incedences of rape & sexual assault against women are result of various cultural & social factors (some even think its due to globalization!)apparently the Karnataka government has a different point of view. As pwer them, the cause is WOMEN!!!! They move out of the house at night and thus call for trouble themselves..So the solution..Ban on women working after 8PM!Talk of thinking out of the box huh.
While terribly irritated with this line of thought, it got me thinking. What if someday our very own Delhi gets inspired by this! Considering that Delhi tops the list of most unsafe metros in India, it seems like quiet a possibility. already getting jitters to think what all we'll face if this law is implemented in delhi. (to make the scenario more hideous, lets assume that it
forbids women to move out of house after 8PM!)
Just imagine:
  • No jobs in call centres (night shifts)
  • No late nite movie shows. forget that, not even evening shows ending 9PM!!
  • Forget what a disc looks like from inside (or attend one in the afternoon, if any. Eeeewwww!)
  • Late night parties? wats dat?
  • You mite even have to pay fine if you are found out after the 8PM deadline. It doesnt matter that u got stuck in a traffic jam. (keeping a fake moustache handy mite help;))
  • No evening gowns/evening wear dresses will be designed
  • Nite outs?????
  • No late nite eating out.
  • and missing out on those late nite long drives
too depressing. i cant think more.
Meanwhile, the only thing im sure of is, Im not shifting my base to Karnataka.
Bye for now.


Adi Crazy said...

One more to add to the list: -

No sleep walking!!

wow! creative me.
And count me in for say-no-to-karnataka rally. Nice post! :D

Spectator said...

poor guys in bangalore!!!

Supernova said...

Adi: Sleep walking was a gem. Damn! y dint i think of it.

Spectator: Is dat the only thing u cud think of:P