Tuesday, 29 April, 2008

A year later

April 28, 2007 was the auspicious day when i finally christined the blogosphere wid ma presence by hitting the PUBLISH button for this post. And like they say there has been no looking back... i wrote and i cribbed n screamed n i vented it all out and what not. So my logging is now a year old and what have i learned in this one year:


if any of you were thinking that der'll be some changes in my writting and i'll start wid some more socially responsible posts den darlin u r sooo very mistaken....its gonna be the way it is till the time its gonna be.

So a very very very HAPPY BDAY to me :)


BaKfIrE said...

one year is it ?? time is running along like hell...well
i guess our friendship is also one year old..:)

Spectator said...

28th April :D

saphire said...

:) happpy yappy birthday to ur bloggy :)

Supernova said...

Bakfire: U bet..n its been amazing all along. so glad i came across daygonehaywire

Specy: Ya..dats d date and i knwo y u r laughing

Saphire: Thnx! gawd im soo dumb, u have been commenting on my blog all along but i still cudnt figure out its u di!!