Monday, 7 April, 2008

Moving on

“Wake up! We have reached. Arrey utho bhi.”
My mom’s consistent poking finally managed to wake me up from my slumber… How do I manage to sleep so deeply curled up in the car is a mystery to her as well as me.
I was still pissed with the last argument and was obviously not in a very amiable mood. Who would be if u r made to leave your friends and school and shift to a completely different one?
I looked up to the group of white tall buildings one of which was to house my new home.
“They all look the same! I’ll never find my house.”
“Ever heard of something called house number? We had it earlier as well. And there too all houses looked same.”
“Yaaa but…its soo tall! And there is no elevator as well”
“Its only 4 floors and our house is on 2nd floor”
This last counter argument was delivered with a don’t-be-so-difficult look to me. I knew there was nothing I could say, not at the moment at least. I quietly followed my dad down the lanes to the block that was to be my new home.
“It’s so small!! And what if I fall from the stairs?”
“If you look where you are walking, you won’t fall.”
The problems that I could find with this place were innumerable!
“I wont drink dis packed milk. It’s synthetic! I read it in paper”
“I cant sleep at night. I can actually hear someone walking in the house above ours! Its disturbing”
“I don’t like the kids out here…they don’t play football!”
And the list went on…Now that I think of it, it was a natural defensive reaction from a 11 year old who refused to be taken out of her cocoon.
In the last one decade that I have lived here, this place has grown from a quiet, relatively greener part of the city to a busy, upcoming segment with malls, metro and new housing societies.
Im comfortable here…my friend’s place is walking distance from my home and my office is 5 km.
And then:
“We are shifting. Packup!”
“Whaaat! But why are we going there of all the places? It’s not even come up properly yet! And my office will be soo faar! And it’s not safe at all….”
*embaressed smile*
History repeated itself.
11 years later and my reaction is still the same. Guess im still defensive about my comfort zone and don’t want to let go of it.
Is it only me or is everyone else like that?


Spectator said...

well yaa... i remember when we moved to our new house... though, i saw my house growning up right in front of my eyes on a new plot somewhere far outside city in those days. and by now, it looks like we are in the very middle !!! sad, i hardly get to stay home now a days...

Rejoy Panakkal said...

the secret is to get this shifting thing done to u while u r still a toddler. That way u get used to it. You could do it a couple of times now too to get rid of the shifto-phobia

BaKfIrE said...

if you ask me i would like to move every 2 years....meeting new ppl is fun isnt it ?

Supernova said...

Specy: Ditto..even dis new house of mine is in the middle of waiting for the civilization to reach here

Rejoy: A better option wud be to ensure i dont have to shift from here again.

Bakfire: I dont mind meeting new poeple n all. i like changes but somehow i like to have my home at one place where i associatte it wid home.