Monday, 21 April, 2008

Meeting the Past

Packin your stuff brings you face 2 face with your past memories. Things you were looking for all over but cudnt things you kept too carefully to remember again. The past weekend was nostalgia full on for me. I found hidden in my almira, things I have been carrying with me since ages…some toh I dint even know exist.

My music diary. This is a good 11 yrs old…back when I was learning classical music…it’s tattered to no end with yellowed pages. But it symbolizes the most beautiful times of my school life…when I was just myself.

My Ghungroo. No I wasn’t into classical dancing but I have a string of 20-25 ghungroos. It’s a single string, not a pair. I like their sweet tingling sound. Plan to hang them in my room as a substitute to wind chimes.

Remember the amazing viral marketing spin by Ruffle Lays? I and my brother had a huuuuuuuge collection of these taazos. Infact, we had created an album for this.

McDonalds used to be my brother’s fav hound for nothing else but those toys that we used to get from there.

I found an unposted letter written to my friend 5 years back. I was always into writing and used to write her long letters full of nothing else but crap and gossip. Dunno why I did not post this one.

My remedy to overcome bad moods and anger, just spill it all out on a piece of paper and read it after 3-4 days. You tend to laugh at it that time and then you can burn it off. Guess I never got back to some of them after 3-4 days…some of those venting out creations were 7 years old! And ya…I did laugh at them.

A calendar of year 2000 that I got from Jaipur, mainly coz I liked the paintings on each page...I even recreated some of them.

A travel kit gifted to me by my brother on Rakshabandhan. It had a mirror, comb, tooth brush, tooth paste, soap and a mini towel. Never really got round to use it.

My Barbie doll and her clothes and kitchen set.

Fake currency notes that were quiet in vogue some 10 years back.

A glow toy that I had with me…it used to be my bed-partner along with my dolls and teddy bears. It somehow gave me a sense of security.

A book on Russian folk stories (funny I had read Russian when I was young and here I am struggling with Fyodor Dostoevsky)

My passpost size photographs when I was in class 10. I could actually see the transformation since these 8 years!

Other then these, ofcourse there was also some windfall gains as:
A pillow cover that mom had been lookin for since looooong time

A stationary kit. My brother once asked me if I have it with me since he cudn’t really find it anywhere else and I obviously said No.

A notebook with some important notes. I knew I have it with me but just cudnt find it when I needed it.

A SPOON!! Don’t ask me how did dat land in my almira.

4-5 towels

Uncountable number of handkerchiefs all distributed in my handbags and jeans pockets n all. Unfortunately no windfall gains in terms of money :(

My almira was nothing less then a pandora’s box I guess. But it was fun going through all those times again. Some things I have to leave behind but then…memories are not dependant on material objects right.


Spectator said...

lolz... me too, went thru all these packing stuff. it's hell !!!!

saphire said...

heyy..i have a music book to...real old yellowed pages and all...only diff bein tht this one had all filmy song lyrics :D

Supernova said...

Specy: Yaaa n im sure u wont have found nething valuable and memorable from that collection :P

Saphire: Ya i found dat one too...had lyrics of all the latest movies of dos times. it even had umrao jaan. but then i relaised that i no longer sing those songs so i discarded that diary.