Friday, 28 March, 2008


You're breaking my heart all over again.
Oh why did we start all over again?
It's too late now to wish I had never met you.
I've loved you much too much to just forget you.
If we ever part all over again,
Will I fall in love, no never again!
You said you'd love me, you made a vow,
Look what you're doing now,
You're breaking my heart all over again

This is a song by Frank Sinatra....dunno y but i kinda liked it so posted it here.


Spectator said...

if u r fond of such songs, i've a huge collection :D

Beena said...

looks like you are going thru that stage.. all faces at one stage or the other
lyrics are beautiful..

Supernova said...

Spectator: ummmmmm send a few to me, will ya.

Beena: Oh no lady! thankfully, im not going thru nethng lk this AT ALL. this was very general.
Not everything i write on my blog is autobiographical ;)

Rejoy Panakkal said...

the high expectations kinda plummeted when i got to "This song is by franky..."

geet said...

yes .. i love this song :)...

Spectator said...

alright.... it's done :)

Supernova said...

Rejoy: wateverrr but i still like the lyrics

Geet: :)

Specy: Thnx buddy :)