Sunday, 20 May, 2007

What to rite??

Dis is a question to all the millions of bloggers out der in the blogosphere (in case u happen to chance upon my humble little blog)
What do u do when u feel like writtin for ur blog bt cant decide on something? or simply dunno wat to rite?
U see, i have been thinkin abt dis since last 4 dayz...but result is zilch:(
Waiting for ur replies.


Spectator said...

even i couldnt find any topic since like a week. though, finally decided something but didnt get time to write.. ha ha. things never workout.

Amar said...

i hv one topic .. write something on ur dreamman.. though i know the one word answer 'weird'! ..but still u can try to bluff. :p

Supernova said...

Spectator: U r sooo rite buddy. Its not exactly dat u dont find topics bt the oones u have, u dont feel lk writing abt dem

Amar: Buddy i can bluff bt i cant write pure fiction.. DREAM MAN!!!!