Tuesday, 8 May, 2007

What to Crib about?

Hie! Somehow I'm feelin lk giving in to the most basic female past time..im feelin lk cribbing. but crib about what?Hmmm lets see...what can i crib about now.. Hey u all, no need to get jealous ppl. its not that i dont HAVE anything to crib. On the contrary, there are quiet a few things. Even if there wrnt, trust a gal to cum up wid something to crib about at leisure;) You don't believe me huh..lemme tell you wat all is pissing me.
I cud crib abt how my life going aaaaaaaaaaa nowhere. Things happen on an auto pilot. You wud think dats ok..chilled out but IMAGINE AN AUTO PILOT IN A HURRICANE!!!
I cud crib abt how I dont feel lk workin in office n i sit for 9 hours in front of my PC just passing time or reading/composing bakwaas blog posts lk the one im writting right now (Yup, im in office). Once upon a time, i used to hate people doin this n now....sigh well, hota hai.
I cud crib abt how I completely hate my workstation rite next to a passage with people passing by every nano second. n i esp hate this i-want-to-see-what-is-she-doin-on-her-pc inquisitiveness in people. dey enter the room through that cursed door and dey HAVE TO see what i am doin!! Y? y oh y cant u just mind ur own biz huh? Dont u have anything in life to do? wrnt u goin for some work? den MOVE ON!trust me, im not maintaing a spy file on u ppl dat u have to ensure im not writting any unsolicited remarks( n even if i am, how the hell can it affect u!!!) Cum 2 think of it, its a basic human nature. look around u and u'll find many specimens of this bt lets talk abt them some other time ok.
I cud crib abt this super hot, boiling, roastin, burning heat of Delhi..It feels nothing less den a volcano crater (exxagerated i know bt remember, im talkin abt cribbin!) 2 minutes outta house and u wudnt know if u r wet from water or sweat. YUCK!
Or I cud be a nice responsible delhiite and crib abt wat a super mess dey have made outta river Yamuna. It resembles more a drain rather than a supposedly holy river. Or dat the roads r bad n buses r crowded and city so unsafe for women. Or about how completely irrational is this idea of women safety by Karnataka Government.
I can crib about how its already 2nd week of the month and i still havnt got my salary n boy am i BROKE! Y dont des people realise that some people actually lead their life hand to mouth (esp like her who just cannot control der shoppin urges!)
I can crib abt all my friends who work 5 days a week and make sure not only to update me abt der wonderful plans for an entire SATURDAY but also gimme call atleast twice during entire day tellin me how their day is goin! its so that 'I dont miss out on any fun' (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarghh i need a gun!)
I can crib about how Im just not able to finish off this 'Mein Kampf' I have been reading since 3 weeks now (long time by my standards). It simply goes on and on...partly also coz i think im not able to stick to it..in des 3 weeks i have read 2 other books as well bt then......watever.
And lastly,
I wanna crib about how both the 'crazies' (this & this) have completely abandoned this shared blog with not even a single post on it(wait...dat means dey never took it up in the first place! ). And lemme clear...its NOT b'coz they cannot write bakwaas ok. U dont believe me, read it here.

So u see..there r soo many things i can crib about.but i still dont know wat shud i crib about?any ideas anyone?


NIDHI said...

knowing you well i can say that you can crib about nething n netime...

but abhi to m cribbing about sitting in the office n feeling jelous....how the hell you have so much of time....

neways nice posts....keep cribbing n posting...

Supernova said...

Darlin..u have time wen u dont feel lk wrkin..dats the case wid me.n u make me sound lk a wet blanket!

PS: not all my posts r composed in office.

Spectator said...

this was the longest ever post by u!!!

Crazy Dhakkan said...

//. On the contrary, there are quiet a few things.

Sigh, small pleasure of being a girl! Hehehehe!

Delhi's hot, eh? So is Ahmedabad.. and for a change, I don't have anything to do with *ahem* Hotness Quotient! hehehe.. kiddin! ;-)

Supernova said...

Spectator: Ya it is. Dint realise while writting. Dat just goes to prove my point

Crazy Dhakkan: Glad u cud relate to it;)