Friday, 4 May, 2007

It's Raining!

YIPPEEE!!! It's such a beautiful weather. Thank You Mr. GOD! After weeks of scorching heat roasting your skin, when you open your eyes one morning to a cloud laden sky...feels simply WOW! Who goes to office on a day like this :P
This reminds me of rainy day in school. Those 'write an essay on rainy day' sessions and dancing in the rain (not like our bollywood actresses.puhhleeeeeze)

Other than that, when i think of rain, i think of:
  • Pakode (Yummmmmmy) & Cup of hot tea
  • gili mitti ki khushbu
  • Nice refreshing breeze
  • Rainfall, clouds (ofcourse!)
  • No blazing sun (What a relief)
  • Umbrella (rather the search for one in all the nick-n-corner of the house)
  • Frogs ki tarrrrrr tarrrrrr
  • All sorta spiders, worms & crawlers venturing outta der now-flooded homes (awwwwww poor things!)
  • Swimming pool sized potholes filled with water
  • Bumper-to-bumper traffic jams
  • Escalated auto-rickshaw fares (If you stay in delhi, you know what i am cribbing about)
  • Anu Malik, the original cap-ped singer of bollywood singing Dekho baarish ho rahi hai, It's raining....
  • Sanjay dutt jumping around, Aala re pous aala
  • Aishwarya Rai (now bachchan) in barso re megha megha
  • The innumerable wet saree scenes churned out by machine called Bollywood (im not gonna rite abt them ok)

Isn't rain simply super enjoyable! esp when you are sitting in a balcony with a cup of hot tea in your hand and not stuck between honking cars in some traffic jam (like me)? jealous huh?

Newayz, Im goin to enjoy a 2nd round of pakodas. Yummmmmm
Have fun!

Dekho baarish ho rahi hai.....


Spectator said...

u know wat i think of rain!

driving at full speed in rain. jus gimme a bike n i'll screw it's engine by riding it at it's fullest !!!

n ya, i love sprinkling muddy water on ppl walking by!!! :)

n then, mmmmmmmm ya, lot of auto rickshaws use kerosine with petrol, when they start their auto, coz of this kerosine smoke, they leave multicolored floating stains on water on roads. i love that color!!!

n most important, i love cloudy sky more than rain.

n lastly, every rain reminds me of one raj kapoor - nargis ad.

Akki said...

its really yuMmy article like ur raining

Anonymous said...

...waatever... u chhuti maroing... doosro ko jalaoing!!!

Supernova said...

@ Spectator: A bike ride sounds wow..provided you don;t get stuck in a traffic jam:P
n splashing water on passersby! YUCK!
n r u tlkin abt dat raj kapoor nargis umbrella 'song'- Pyaar hua, iqraar hua...

@ Akki: Thanks

@ Crazy: You did d same few days back dude ;)

Spectator said...

ya, the same song, but not the movie. it's one ad used to come on durdarshan, a long back. after the news. Song goes something like this: Pyaar hua ikraar hua hai, pyaar se fir kyo darta hai dil? deluxe nirodh, bharat ka sarvadhik bikne wala condom!!!

Adi Crazy said...

And this awesome rainy day has cooled down Delhi a bit, right?

Spectator said...

why it doesnt rain in chennai!?!!?!? :(

Amar said...

i made a comment yesterday ...but y didnt it appear here :(
putting it again ..
was saying that - you wud differ on ur opinion if u come down to mumbai in rainy season ..its like on n off every five min.. n that too in an infinite loop .. it just sucks!
its not that i dont like rains ..but excess of everything makes it worse :|

Supernova said...

@ Adi: It did coll down delhi bt alas! only for a day. lets pray for another thunder shower.

Spectator:I have no ans to this.

Amar: I have no idea what comment u r talking abt dude.
as for mumbai, i have heard a lot abt the almost consistent rain of mumbai..wud luv to experience it. maybe den i'll chnage my opinion n write another post abt it.