Wednesday, 2 May, 2007

Being a SLANGER!

I plead mercy to the all those who swear by the virtue & santity of Queens English (including our dear tradaptor), but puhleeezee do not expect it from me. For me, the spoken langauge is spiced up with latest lingos and slangs.Words which were considered foul once now have a status of pride (Adi loves being called this), words are used to get out of situations and exclaimations are no longer about only punctuation marks or your tonality...I and people of my clan prefer to create words to express ourselves.

The purists call us the GenXers, confused, SMSers. Well I call us..SLANGERS!
Its quiet intresting to see how different are the reactions of a purist (referred to as Sane in this post) and a slanger in a same scenario.
Here is a contrast of a sane person and a slanger:

Ques: So besides this, tell me what are your hobbies?
Sane: I like reading, listening to music & making friends
Slanger: Ah well i go online, blog, read n u know...whatever

Hey did u hear that super amazing song from 'Life in a metro'?
Frnd: The name of the movie is Metro.
Sane: Oh! ok..maybe i got it wrong
Slanger: Ya ya whatever

I got a new cell-Nokia N95
Sane: Congratulations!
Slanger: Sexy yaar...dats super kewl!

She asked me to help her out with her report. i told her she can do it herself good enough; afterall she has ben here 6 months more than me na ;)
Sane: Good..gave her a taste of her own medicine
Slanger: You are such a BITCH! (delivered with a wicked grin)

You 'goofed up' and are now in the line of fire getting a piece of someone's mind and you dont want it coz it wasnt your fault!!
Sane: You are not getting my point.i dint do anything.
Slanger: Yaa, w-hhat-e-va! (rolling eyes)

You have to be in office by 9. If its 9:01, it gets marked as half day.
Sane: Thats bad. it doesnt make sense at all!
Slanger: What CRAP! Sue them!

Hey! how come you did not call me up last evening? You said you will.
X: I know i did but my cell died on me.
Sane: I dont believe you
You are lying
Slanger: Ya right! (accompanied with rolling eyes & a sarcasm loaded tone)

Anybody and everybody is a sweetheart/baby/sweetie/darling/luuuv..
It doesnt matter if you met the person 5 minutes back.

So, welcum to the world of Slangs! Interpret at your own risk!;)

PS: Missed out on a major slang but that deserves another post.


Adi Crazy said...

Hilarious post! Some jerks might not agree, but this has bcum DA language of the masses. Well, my fav. slang that u mentioned here, still raises a few eyebrows, but who da f*#k cares? As long as we'r having fun, like you said, WHATEVA'

Amar said...

..and which side of the line u r??
P.s. How bout a trailer of the major slang missed out ;)

Anonymous said...

fantafkinbulously presented! kewl shit... dat's wat I'm talkin abt... yeah baby! u rock!

I guess dat's wat I too sound like!!!

heylo -- amar dude! wassup wid ya man!

Supernova said...

@ Adi: You bet.lolz (Hey, dats another one i left out!)

@ Amar: Well i keep on skippin the line;) and as for a trailer, y give the secret away..u'll know wen i write.

@ Crazy: 4get abt 'sound like that', you are the biggest, Slanger & slang-generator i have ever come across dude:)

Amar said...

hey.. Crazy Marketer good ..but do i know u ?