Friday, 11 May, 2007

Im loosing it....Heeeeelp!

Darlingz, this is an SOS message! Something wrong somewhere. here are the cases in point.
Case 1:
A msg i had sent to a frnd:Hi, If you are coming to office tomorrow, don't forget to get my First Victim and your Prodigal Daughter. C ya!
I was actually referring to:
First Victim by Ridley Person
Prodigal Daughter by Jeffrey Archer

Case 2:
Frnd: I'll talk to you tomorrow. feeling a bit low.
Me (bugged since it was the 4th day i was hearing this): Fine. then you continue feeling low ok. Y dont u go to Kanyakumari n feel low huh.
Frnd: ????????

Case 3:
Me: Dont tell anyone that i said dis ok.
Frnd: Ya rite! as if i have nothnig better to do den discuss you. who do u think u r? Mahatma Gandhi?
Me: No way man. im not bald n i do wear clothes.
Frnd: U need a doctor

Case 4:
Frnd: I cant sit for long. my backbone is damaged. it has shifted a bit to the left.
Me: So how does it matter. the only difference wud be dat now ur right shoulder is bigger than the left one.(Dont ask me what was dat. I've been tryin to figure it out ever since)
Frnd: I'll talk to u later

Case 5:
Situation: I and Adi goin on a break. It was drizzling on n off. It stopped and we moved out. it started raining again. I looked at the clouds
Me (loud & clear): What is dis huh? were u lk waiting for us to move out? cant u make up ur mind? u wanna pour, u pour. u dont wanna pour, u dont pour. Dont play these games ok.
Adi (to people in genral): Ok. I dont know her.

All this in last one month!
*sigh* what's wrong with me? Am I seriously loosing it? Or is it the heat wave? Or maybe its the April effect. (thinks for some time, then like alwayz shrugs and says, Uffff! Whateverrrrr!)


Amar said...

No u r not loosing it!! .. u were like this only.

Adi Crazy said...

Ask me! I am the invariably there to witness most of these "loosing-it" examples. Latest : -
Going out to see the rain(in Delhi), when her chennai based frnd told her its raining outside!!! U rock Supernova! :P

Anonymous said...

all i can say is... "maa kassam!!!!"...

Kya Bakwaas... get a life babe!

Supernova said...

Amar: How do u know me sooo well;)

Adi: U r not supposed to make fun of me ON MY OWN BLOG!n newayz, 2day is that last day that u'll have to witness these 'loosing-it' examples

Crazy Marketer: Ya i guess i need to.

Spectator said...

ha ha ha !!! adi's comment brought a smile on my face, see !!! [:)]