Saturday, 20 October, 2007

Tak tak tak tak...

What’s the similarity between a fire brigade and ME (only des days ok)? We both announce our arrival. While the former does it through a bell (or siren these days), yours truly achieves this by her sandles. The leather piece dat usually covers the heel of a sandle to muffle up the sound of tak tak came off few days back n now I walk tak tak tak tak…..Its ok no please don’t restain urself, go ahead laugh. Everyone has been commenting on this toh y shud my humble readers be deprived of the pleasure huh.
Sample this conversation I had with a colleague.
He: Ur footgear is making too much of noise
Me: Ya I trying to walk slowly so that the noise can be muffed up
He: Its not working…u sound tak tak tak
Me: Very funny. I know dat. I think we need floor carpeting
He: No but u do need a new footgear. Everytime u pass by, sounds as if a model is walking.
Now im sure he wasnt complimenting me and personally even I don’t find the comparison any more flattering.
Nevertheless this comment suddenly made me so conscious that I actually was wary of walking the distance of lk 50m to get the phone!!! Finally I took dem off and sprinted to the table and got the phone.
Come to think of it, the problem isnt my footwear..its the people who are more receptive to sounds and things happening around them den on work (dats for u dude:P)...and ofcourse the bare floor that we have in our office. *sigh* till then i 'll have to look for a cobbler to get it mended or stop wearin it to office.


Spectator said...

girl, why dont u learn catwalk??? they never make noise while they walk :P

Di said...

u complaining about this! my frnds ( a guys) shoes goes squeak squeak squeak which makes people wonder if theres some 4 year old around :D thankfully for him though most of the office area is carpeted ;)

ancientmariner said...

ohh well I keep hearing this tak tak sound tooo and when I look over my cubicle hoping to catch a pretty face it turns out to be guy !!....and the worst part I keep repeating this everyday...*sigh* you are more than welcome in our office..:-)

matty said...

well happens a lot of times...
So what are u planning?
new footwear? or just ignore and live ur life??
anyway..nice post...
i like the irony in ur posts!!

Rejoy said...

ah yes!!! i had one in my office and she made no bones about the situation... i actually thought it was quite endearing and told her that we could recognize that she was comin from a mile off... she actually liked it!!!
now all i want to know is whether i can convince my boss to wear the same... would come in mighty handy to bell the cat and all...

Supernova said...

Spectator: No ramp in my office so no point learning catwalk :P

Di: Sqweak sqweak:O suddenly i feel nice abt my tak tak tak

Ancient mariner: Changing footwear seems a more logical option den changing office:D but thnx for the offer :)

Matty: Actually none of des. i got it mended so now my life is soundless:D

Rejoy: The idea that ppl know u cumin miles away dsnt snd nice to me. n lemme know if you r able to bell the cat;)

Neeraj said...

Hahahaha..What can I say..? I am just Laughing out Loud.... This colleague of yours must be a stupid crazy fella.

the cloud with the bronze lining said...

hey really gr8.. same happened 2 me too ,,while i was going 2 class.. ( i dont wear heels and there was no wood no them .. but i dunno) n ppl said - i was wonderin wat that noise was all about.. lol .. can b embarsin sumtimes... but if models do it... why not us??(blah).. nyway nice blog.. im gonna blogroll ya.. u mind??

Rejoy said...

actually, removed the cat altogether by movin outta that job ;)

wacko said...
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wacko said...

haha, u actually!
tak tak tak can also be some warning signal u knw..just incase u want people to realize u coming

but anyways, heels are supposed to sound tak tak how come u mended em? u mean to say u cut the heels or smethin?

Supernova said...

Neeraj: Ah well, i wont argue on dat considering dat u know him as well as u know urself;)

The Cloud: 1stly welcum to my blog:)
2nd, sorry for writting only 'The cloud' was just too long for me:D
3rd: Glad dat u lkd my blog
4th: doz anyone ever mind gettin blogrolled!! Thnx a ton:)

Rejoy: Oh kewl! bt i guess even in ur new job, der must be a cat dat needs to be belled, isnt it?

Wacko: Heels are supposed to sound tak tak but mine were a bit too i got a leatehr piece pasted at the end and voila!no more tak tak :)

Hershey Desai said...

lol...i hate..literally HATE those kind of sandals...especially when there like 4-5 women walking in them, its like a stampede.

Though,there is one good thing about them. Like you said, it announces your arrival. Therefore it would probably help the guys to straighten up a their hair a little, suck in their gut, look all , "hey, how you doin" type.

lol..the problem IS the footwear...change it change it...gooo