Thursday, 4 October, 2007

Band bajega

Wedding season is round the corner ppl and im getting goose bumps just thinking about it..already there is no escaping from it for me..nowhere. At home with the continually piling up stack of wedding invites, its the never ending discussions on the dresses and outfits to be worn on different ceremonies, weekends booked for haunting the malls and markets (for the unawares, shopping isnt exactly my idea of fun).
The wedding season hounds me even in my i dont work in a wedding planning firm. Couple of band walas (the ones who accompany the baraat processions) chose to make the empty ground across my office their practice ground. Morning 10Am till evening, i get to 'enjoy' this LIVE in concert performance with all the latest songs (ruined beyond recognition ofcourse). And to add to my perils, I am stationed near the window and my office isnt sound proof. The only funny part is while talking to a client, its weird to explain y he/she can hear the distinct sound of drums in the background; at times more clearly then my own voice!
I am not exactly enjoying-shaadi-n-all type. There are some things I find downrite irritating about this whole shaadi business:

  • The amount of noise generated by all these bands and DJs etc. Dude, good for you that you are getting married n all but must you deprive the uninvited of their peaceful sleep!
  • Traffic jams!! As if there is already any dearth in the city in this deptt..while the interior roads are jammed with baraat processions (at times 3-4 baraats in a stretch of 1 km!), main roads are blocked with hoardes of cars commuting from one venue to another. So the rush hours of 5-9PM gets extended till12. And don’t even dream of going out on a weekend…pure hell!
  • Unless you are part of the up-close wedding family, for you going to a wedding is like going out for dinner (you pay in form of cash/gift etc.). And I simply hate eating at crowded places with too much of kachar-pachar.
  • Have you even seen the amount of food that is wasted in shaadis!!??!! Though im not one of those think-of-the-hungry-kids-in-Somalia types, I can’t stand such blatant wastage of resources.
  • The amount of money that goes down the drain giving out gifts for these newly-wed couples. And esp those morning all of them are found lying mercilessly on the ground:(

And many more like this..sadly very few people endorse this view of mine...and definetly none at everytime someone decides to tie the knot, I am asked (no, told) to be a nice girl, dress up n be a part of the couples 'happiest moment' wat if I dont remember who they are to me. *sigh*.

Anyways, everyone, enjoy the wedding season...have fun!


Neeraj said...

I do, I do endorse you viewpoint, entirely, absolutely. I am sick and tired of big fat Indian weddings. Oh, these religious processions with all those loudspeakers and caravans make me equally sick though.
P.S:- You were supposed to write on ‘EGO’ thing, what happened to that?

Rejoy said...

ofcourse we all endorse ur view, super N but always for somebody else's marriage i suppose ;)

ancientmariner said...

its fun if you are part of it..and yes, a pain if you are an outsider.Tht way I like the arya samaj disturbance..

Spectator said...

ditto !!! only two ppl r needed for a shaadi !!! why the hell they invite the whole world in there!!! i m not gonna invite anybody in my shaadi...!!! n as there's noone gonna be there to check who was there n who wasnt, i myself will bunk my shaadi !!! :D

Supernova said...

Neeraj: The EGO post is in the day i'll definetly put it up.

Rejoy: Smart bt i endorse it for my wedding as well...dont plan to have much of pomp n show (if i get any say in the matter)

Ancient Mariner: never attented one so cant vouche for it bt snds lk my kinda thing

Spectator: Coming from u, i am not surprised at all

Di said...

tell me about it.. :-/ Ive been attending an average of a 2 weddings a month ..and im just tired now..
btw u are Taggedddd!!! HI HA HA HA HA HA!!

BaKfIrE said...

Its been a long time since i attended a marriage. There was one to be attended this week which got cancelled...its seems the girl was not interested and she eloped with someone other...than the groom!

Hershey Desai said...

EEP!! Wedding season already...

Where is my harpoon... I have to make sure no mailmen come in the vicinity of my home with those pesky invitations...

shhhh... be vwery vwery qwuiet... i am hunting mailmen..aheheheheheh.

Supernova said...

Di: lolz! still 2 weeks to go b4 i honor the 1st invite. der on its a marathon:)
So maybe at the end of the season u'll write a post on ur exp...watsay? n ya i'll do the tag wen i have nothing to write.

Bakfire: Oops! Dats one down:)

Hershey: Keep a tab on ur e-mail inbox as well buddy. now u have wedding invites emailed to u.

Hershey Desai said...

ah...but thats a good thing..
any mail that has the word "wedding" is considered spam :P

Supernova said...

Hershey: Hw abt words lk Vivah, shaadi n panigrah sanskar?? DEy r more prominent in Indian wedding invites;)

Hershey Desai said...

good point... should add those to my spam filter.

But I have another back up method too...
I give all family members my old email id. Then when they complain of me not coming to their wedding..i just say, "oh..i switched to a new id...didn't you get my mail?"

I am so evil... the only problem is... how do you put spam filter on a telephone.