Wednesday, 15 August, 2007

My room....Girlie??

X: Your place is good but very girlie
Y: Dude, unlike yours, my house is very neat, tidy and organised ok.
X: Exactly! Like I said, its girlie.

A neat, tidy n organised room is termed 'girlie'. Coz gals are meant to be very methodical, proper and nicey nice. So everything around them is shiny n room is spink n span. Well to all those who endorse this view whole heartedly, here is peep in my room. have a look n den lemme know if u change ur opinion.

For starters, lemme lists down things that you wont find in my room.
Pinks- There isnt anything pinky or mauve or red in my room. infact nothing even closer to it. Once had a book that was bright pink in cover but I gave it away so not even that.
A mirror- Yes! I dont have a full length mirror in my room. just a small mirror in the inner lid of a box which I use to apply kajal. I dont think i need to stand in front of a mirror to see if my kurta and jeans are a perfect match.
Flowerly curtains- I DO have curtains ofcourse but they dont give the feel of a permanant 12 month long spring season. Instead they are green- plain green in colour. keeps my room cool and dey dont look dusty.
Posters- Though I really dig on John Abraham, Richard gere n all, u wont find them hanging from the wall with a pasted smile on their face. There arnt even any quotations and dogs, kittens, horses...nothing on my walls. Just a calender and a wall clock.

Things you cant help noticing:
A mini-mandir- Dats something quiet hard to miss. its right in front of the door. A small mandir with pics of all kinda deities and few things related to it. the whole n sole reason of it being there is that there wasnt any other place left in the house for it. So I graciously agreed to house it in my humble abode (ok fine, my mom really dint gave me a choice. i was told, not asked).
Footwears- I am obsessed with footwears. Irrespective of having only one pair of feet, i believe you can never have enough footwears...and since I usually get dressed in a haste, i prefer having all my options right in front of me. So no stacking of sandles in a rack for me. So u better watch ur step while walking in my room. Rani Mujherjee rightly said in Chalte-Chalte, "You can trip over ur shoe."
A heap of clothes- It genrally occupies my bed and is shifted as it is on my table @ night. Consists of washed clothes, to-be-ironed clothes. All I need to do is pull out whatever I feel like wearing from the stack, iron it and put it on..simple na! There is also another heap of already worn clothes. In summers, it includes dirty, sweaty clothes waiting to be put into washing machine and in winters, jackets and woollens to be hanged back in the closet.
There is also a stack of books..includes novels I am reading (at imes i start up with more than one), ones i have read, one i'll read next.....u know the works:P

I, I and only I can find stuff in all this clutter so this keeps my mom away from my room. Still on those fateful days when she absolutely cant ignore it anymore and decides to take the cleaning-up-my-room matter in her hands, it takes me full 3 days to figure out what is where. Coz u see, our definition of 'right place' is pretty contradicting.

Still its not that I cannot keep my room clean. On those rarest of rare occassions when some guest turn up @ our place who is likely to roam around the house (Y do they have to??), I do clean up my room and quiet well at that. Anyone who'll see will be quiet impressed..provided you dont ask me to open the closet;)

Did anyone say my room is girlie??


Spectator said...

yus !!! that perfeclty reassembles a girly room !!! :P

one unique thing u'll find in a guy's room is, everything is reachable from the chair, n that too, u dont need to stand up...!!!

purvabhatia said...

hey that sounds like my room! buti agree with Spectator it still is 'girlie' :)

Rebellion said...

Which idiot called you room girlie eh? No pinks, no mirror and someone dared to call the room girlie? :O

Two things tho, surely makes it girlie, your stock of footwear and heap of clothes, esp on the bed ;P

PS: See, I use other smileys as well :D

BaKfIrE said...

you like a disorderly order and dat simply brands you a girlie....hah!

Supernova said...

Spectator: Buddy, if u think this is girlie, dat simply means dat u havnt seen a paperbuk example of one.

Purva: Welcome to my blog:)
And how cum YOU found it girlie?

Rebellion: Bulls Eye lady! Dats exactly wat i am saying.

Bakfire: Dats kinda close.

Irreversibly Screwed said...

sounds very interesting.. maybe people take u to be girlie so that would mean that ur room HAS to be girlie... never judge a room just by its owner!!.. lol.. ok i know that was cheesy but my brain(?) doesnt essentially function mornings!!..
guess it just shows that people judge everything u have or do based on what they think of u..
btw an interesting read..

Di said...

eeeeee.. D the heap of clothese made me wanna hug u! coz its exactly the same..i dont like things goin into the cupboard unless they are washed ,starched, ironed etc :P

Supernova said...

Irreversibly screwed: On the contrary, ppl dont tk me as girlie AT ALL. Dis was simply my reaction to the prototype girlie rooms myth.

Di: A biiiiiiiiiig hug to u gal:)

Adi Crazy said...

Nice post. And i didnt say its girlie :P

vinay said...

I'd say organized chaos

Supernova said...

Adi: I wud've been SHOCKED if U did.

Vinay: Rito dude!

Ankit Gupta said...

gr8 infact! read ur a whole new exp abt 'girlie' stuff ;)...
rooms of guys are never so clean to even write a blog on them


wacko said...

well, i dont think tis girlie by any chance considering the fact you dont have pink..i feel pink is the only significance of an intense girl thingy you know..

besides I guess your room was commented to be girlie just because it was neat and tidy lol..I bet we guys too have all those stuffs that you've just mentioned except the mandir part...some guys do have that also...but tis just that we have our rooms messed and you dont..striking the difference between terming the rooms as girlie and guyile :P

Supernova said...

Ankit: Thanks ankit bt u found my room CLEAN??:O

Wacko: If u think pink is the only thing dats intensely girly, den i wonder wat u think of Manish Malhotra (i heard pink is his fav colour)lolz!!