Thursday, 15 November, 2007

Burned by Agni

Frnd: You must have heard of Agni
Me: Agni…I have heard of agni missile
(not wanting to be caught unaware, I made a google search on agni)
Me: And ofcourse it’s a service provider in Bangladesh- Agni Systems. But y r u talking about it?
Frnd: I was talking about Agni- the disc @ Hotel Park. Google search is not always a nice option u know.
Me: Damn! Oh gawd can I please please disappear from the face of this earth


Spectator said...

i thought u ppl r talking bout Agni - the indian rock band who performs Kabir's Doha in rock flavor... n probably the most sensible songs ever.

Adi Crazy said...

lolzz...I would have said - "Agni is bad...try Aqua in the same Hotel"

Rejoy said...

thats the problem with "common" nouns. U just dont know how many number of things they r pointing to...

rOhit said...

lol lol lol.. :D :D :D

Supernova said...

Specy: Wow...glad im not the only one who cudnt connect to it.

Adi: yaaa bt for dat i need to have guessed it was the disc being referred to.

Rejoy: Exactly..see it wasnt my fault. thnx for makin me feel gud buddy :)

Rohit: ROFL

Fuzz said...

pwned i'll say