Monday, 26 November, 2007


Seems like I’m leading a very noisy life. As if there wasn’t enough decibel levels generated by the National Capital Region’s vehicles and metro work, there was that band practice outside my office then there was my footgear (which I promptly got changed) and now suddenly people have started complaining about my major source of communication to the outside baba, dey rnt bugged by my voice..its my PC’s keypad. My major source of communication with the world around me is primarily my computer…my blog, messenger, social networks I m part of, emails blah blah blah.
The problem is that though im mute while typing, my keyboard literally yells. And wid most of the people in my office working through laptops..anyways the sound levels are quiet low (even those band walaahs are done wid der rehersals) so the sound of my fingers hitting my keypad is exceptionally pronounced (ahem well ok so I admit dat I do punch dem a little harder but still…).
“Do u plan to completely get done with your keyboard lady?”
“OMG Relax!! You’ll make me deaf one of these days”
“U pissed?”
“Arrey wats dis sound man…who is hitting whom!”
See what all I have to jhelofy…good thing that none of it bothers me. As I put final touches to this post, I have people around me glaring as if I have completely lost my mind..but u know the bestest part? I SIMPLY DON’T CARE!!!
And if u r wondering the sense of this post den lemme tk u out of this misery...there isn’t any. I felt like writing and couldn’t think of something quick so I came up with this…n newayz, the female of species don’t ever need a reason or topic to ramble about;)


Spectator said...

i guess ur keyboard wants to talk to u... u r ignoring him !!! :P

Rejoy said...

hmmm... u should seriously think of changing ur blog title to "noise like that" ;)

SP said...

It was essentially a "just like that" post... light to read , easy to forget, good!:) hey i too wrote something yday night... trying to be in yours and darshak;'s league of writers... feeling good about my new piece:)

Di said...

heyyyyy..u too?!! :-/ i keep yellin at my frnds for takin out their anger on the keyboard! :O

Supernova said...

Spectator: Hmmm maybe...see, im soo lively, everythng around me gets a life. lolz!!!

Rejoy: ummm nah! too much effort.

SP: thnx SP. bt hey wait a min..dis piece of urs was sorta bitchy..r u tellin me my blog is bitchy!! grrrrrrr

Di: See its nt always fault of the person..dey simply have a very chattery keyboard:( be more lenient to dos poor souls from now on na di:P