Friday, 1 February, 2008

Long time, no post!

I know I know…its been too long since my last post n der hvnt been many updates n all dat jazz…
There can be numerous reasons for this like…
I hvnt been online all this while
Bloggers block
My fingers froze in this chilly cold weather n I just cudnt type
was oh-so-very-busy
I wrote something really nice few weeks back but the moment I was about to press Publish, my system crashed!
Poor innocent me was threatened to stop writing such random n pathetically poor stuff…I was told dat nobody wants to know the details of my life…I got scared L
People took away my keyboard due to constant noise I made
Someone I want to bitch about reads my blog regularly and I can’t cum up with a suitable code name
Had temporary amnesia and forgot my username and password.
Everything is so nice n kewl n good around me. I just cant find anything to bitch or crib about!
I had an idea but was too lazy to type so was waiting for blogspot to cum up wid a n audio blog
Blog? Im sorry wat r u talkin abt?
I have given up writing
Why the hell should I tell YOU what I think huh!?!

*sigh* dats it I guess. Cant think much…cmon I wud have written a proper post had I been able to think ok (YA it DOES require thinking smarthead :P)
Honestly, I have simply been too cold n lazy to actually put my fingers exposed to the biting cold air and punch the keys. Have to so it in office coz I just cant help it.
Will be back when the weather is more fit for human survival…till then, take care n byeee!


BaKfIrE said...

xcuses are not forgiven.....! :)

matty said...

this is no excuse for staying away for so long!!!!!!

if u dont come up with a good post then....

Di said...

he too was off for a very long can empathise.. ;)welcome back :)

Spectator said...

dont blam winters !!! :O

Supernova said...

Bakfire: So u expecting an apology!?!?! HA!

Matty: Dats plain balckmail buddy!

Di: Thnx for understanding my plight lady! :)

Specy: Ya u sound quiet convincing saying this sitting in chennai wid avg temp of 25 degrees huh!?!