Tuesday, 8 January, 2008


A lot of people said that I marked my 50th post but dint mark the turn of year on my blog. Afterall, it was the first turn of year being witnessed by my blog.
So Happy New Year to all.
But then if u think it over…
What’s so new about this year? Other den one extra day in Feb, isn’t it the same as the old one? Same old months, same old alternatively 30 and 31 days, same festivals, same seasons…blah blah blah.
So what’s so new about it?

Its a year with new days and different opportunities, new events and new..umm watever.
But den we get a new day every 24 hours, dont we. We have a new opportunity, a new sunrise and all dat jazz every 24 hours. Then wat major significance does this turn of day hold..

Am I being too rational? or am I being too pessimistic?
Watever it is...one thing is for sure..im definetely using TOO MANY QUESTIONMARKS :P

Ok people..lk we wish Gud morning to everyone, here I wish happy, peaceful and healthy remaining 2008 for you :)


Spectator said...

lucky all those who were born on 29th feb... they got a chance of celebrating their b'day after a long gap !!

Dolly said...

nice write up girl!!!!!!nice to see a person matching your own views!!!!!!!each and every moment brings something new!!!!!

ÕHARINIÕ said...

hey.... now dats a diff way of looking at it.....well your not being pessimstc or rational or anything else...ur just looking at it differently, in a new light that no one would feel like doing....its jus a way of bringing hope to their life.... so cio n happy new year

durjoy datta said...

dont mention one the extra day in feb...!
wrote CAT and took one day extra in feb,in a non leap year...!
and that question is what kept me from atleast 3 calls!!!!
so,that one extra day is indeed very important...!!!

Supernova said...

Specy: Wat lucky man..poor ppl get only 1 gift per person in 4 yrs instead of 4.

Dolly: Thnx gal :)

OHARNIO: Glad u got my point.

Durjoydutta: Oops! dat sounds kinda bad. but hota hai...never mind.

Shruti said...

new years? Just a reason for celebration.. and a day or two off from work (at all sensible places!) :D

matty said...

humm..yeah very year is d same..
same old says..
thanks for ur wish..

wish u the same!

wishing to see lot more from u this year...

Renovatio said...

It's up to you to make the year different, each and everyday. :p

Rejoy said...

Other den one extra day in Feb? heck, its 24 hrs of bonus time and i wont let u "other than" that sort of thing... humph! ;)... happy new year and stuff, girl...

Supernova said...

Shruti: Eggg-zaactly!

Matty: Thnx buddy. n i think im pretty regular neways wid my posts, aint i?

Renovatio: Well said :)

Rejoy: Ya ha but for me its 24 hours extra to so many other days dat i wait for.