Wednesday, 27 February, 2008

In conversation

“What’s with you and this word Sorry?”
“As in?”
“As in why is it so difficult for you to utter this word? You are always so stubborn type about this.”
“I have no issues in apologizing to anyone. But you convince me that I am at fault.”
“Can’t you say sorry just to make someone feel better.”
“If Im saying sorry without meaning it, how will that person feel better! Dat would be cheating him”
“What cheating yaar…u said something which pricked someone. You say sorry to end the matter and get done with it. That’s it! What is so complicated in that.”
“I am not bothered who does what. Maybe for them this word doesn’t mean anything. But it matters to me so when I say sorry to someone, I really mean it.”
“Funny. I have noticed you saying sorry when you bump into something on the way…at times it’s just a pillar or tree. But you say sorry even before realizing it’s an object.”
“That’s different. More of a habitual thing.”
“The way it sounds is that you can apologize to a mere stranger on the road, even an object but not to the ones who love you, who stand by all your whims? Their feelings and thoughts don’t matter?”
“Of course they do. But I am sure they will not be happy with me apologizing for the sake of saying it. They know me and I doubt if they expect it.”
“That’s kinda nasty you know. You slashed someone but if you don’t think you were at fault, you won’t apologize. Even if that person bleeds to death.”
“So you mean you haven’t apologized to anyone to make up?”
“I have. If someone is so adamant on hearing this, then I ask if they want me to say sorry without meaning it. I they say yes, then I say sorry. Though I have never seen them be happy about it.”
“There you go again. Why you have to make it so obvious? When you make it clear that you don’t mean it, obviously no one will be pleased with it.”
“So I am to say sorry without meaning it but it should look genuine?”
“Ummmm ya kinda. That’s what is expected”
“Funny how people fool themselves.”
“You know your problem? Your problem is that you turn everything in an ego issue.”
“Ya rite. Not apologizing to make things better is ego. But expecting someone to pretend as guilty without meaning it just to make yourself feel better is …..”
“That’s the world honey.”

This was a conversation I had with myself sometime back. Somehow it dint seem to conclude. Maybe coz none of us knew the conclusion. But I am not guilty for leaving it in between. And luckily, my self is someone I don’t have to pretend and say Sorry.


Neeraj said...

The fact of the matter is—even I have hard time saying sorry to someone who is near and close to me, e.g. my mama. However, I am not too convinced that somebody has to convince you that you’re at fault because if you’re at fault you know it. That’s what I think.

Spectator said...

well, i use sorry a lot of times. makkhan lagaane ke liye... :P

sorrry !!!

Anonymous said...

Ur post remind me of one song, I heard smtime in coleege...
"Forgive me, is all that you can't say, words don't forgive me...."
I guess saying Sorry, only when u feel is genunine is right...Saying anything just for sake of saying, sounds so phony...
well, a nice post to let people think :)

BaKfIrE said...

i say sorry most of the times and it works too. With a 'sorry' face, with your eyes to your down left, if you say it - it shows your humility not your weakness :)

thushar said...

ah there's the connection. 'bakfire' here is a close pal of mine from college days!!

@sorry - it works both ways. your 'sorry' is only as good as the person receiving it.

matty said...

i wish all of us could realize this..

nice post..

Harshit Gupta: My big big world said...

I was 100% this sometime earlier. I worked HARD on it... and think I'm just 90% like that now...
Superb writing!

Supernova said...

Neeraj: True. smhw its hard to say dis to sm1 who really matters...i wonder y.

Specy: u know the art of butterin up ppl...:O dats smthng i dint know.

Silencekilled:true but still smhw ppl expect it. if nothng else, dey feel bad dat dey r hurt n u dont even realise that u r at fault!!

Bakfire: agreed but idea is not to mk it look convinvcin but to really mean it.

Thushar: hmmmmmm

Matty: Thnx :)

Harshit: Firstly, welcum to my blog. Second, so now u r 10% better or 10% worse off :D

Supernova said...
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Rejoy said...

sorry, i did not understand a word of that. And I am sorry u have to consider therapy :-P

Beena said...

its OK to say SORRY only if u feel u need to. dont ever say for others sake.. or u will be sorry

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello Sir ! Saw a lot of your comment's on Adi's space.Finally managed to snail down to your blogspace.Amazingly meaningful- is what I thought of your conversation with 'yourself'.I have always believed there is no better critic that oneself -even though the general convention is just the opposite.Excellent post and thanks a lot for posting it down here

gunj said...

its interesting hw we knw it all n still cant help it!!

Supernova said...

Rejoy: dats ok if u dint understand it, maybe it wasnt meant for u :)

Beena: true

Mishra: 1stly, welcum to my blog :)
2ndly, im not sirn u cud call me mam ;)
3rdly, im glad u lkd dis piece..keep comin back

gunj: its more interestin to see dat even ppl who know it expect u to do dis.

thushar said...

what do i do if i've been tagged?