Monday, 25 February, 2008


One phenomenon with varied dimensions and interpretations. It scares some n it calms others. To some it spells upcoming storm or doom; to others it’s the eternal peace beyond which nothing matters.
Silence at late hours of the night when half of the world is no longer conscious, when the roads are without those blaring horns, when your neighborhood doesn’t echo voices of mothers running after kids, grilling their maids and street vendors selling their items….At 1 AM, its just you and the eternal darkness with its silence so deep that you can even hear your own heartbeat!
That silence gives you eternal times like these you can just fly in your thoughts, your aspirations, you can think about those moments which made you happy…you soar high in your world leaving all your burdens worries and issues behind.
You know you have done something drastically bad, said terribly nasty and hurt the one you love the most…you cant take it back…u cannot undo it…but u feel bad for making them feel bad…you dread the encounter but somehow u know you have to face it, “They’ll scream at me. They’ll tell me how bad I am...its ok. They’ll take it all out. I deserve it.” So you tell yourself. But you don’t get any of it. Instead you get silence…nothing about how evil you have been, nothing about how u have hurt them and how thoughtless it was. Instead its, “How was your day? Let’s go out for dinner?” That silence kills…tortures like anything…when you don’t have the guts to bring it up by yourself.
The silence you get from a friend when you need them the most…when you don’t want to exchange any words, when you don’t want to tell what happened and how it happened, when its too raw for any sort of analysis of who was at fault and what went wrong...when you don’t even to say all if this…and you don’t need to. They just look at you and sit near you. No need to hold hand and give it that reassuring squeeze…just sit there and have the lengthiest and most meaningful conversation…that silence fills you up with contentment and pride of having such people to share your life with.
The social environment we live in these days produces such high volumes of decibel sound that we are no longer comfortable with silence…restaurants and lounges maintain a background of music…not always to relax you but to facilitate you to talk and be comfortable with the surroundings. If suddenly the music goes off, everyone starts looking here n there anxious by this sudden silence…which is alien to them. The sentences and words are dropped mid-way; no one has the courage to kill the silence.
You talking to someone and after saying something you go quiet.
“What happened? Why are suddenly so quiet?”
“Nothing happened”
“Are you thinking something?”
“Not really”
“Then why aren’t you saying anything?”
“Im not troubled or anything. I’m just quiet..dats it.”
And then there is Silence
But you know this silence is screaming…screaming that you are not understood. That you are just silent but the other person is busy thinking trying to unravel the mystery behind your silence. *sigh* There isn’t any.


Spectator said...

when i think of silence at 1 AM , three things come in mind.
1) watchman shouting "Jagte Raho" !!!
2) late night live show sounds. there's an open air audi near my house in my hometown !!!
3) if it's riots time, then shootout and firing sounds !!!

lolz... i've never faced a clean and sound silence. i believe, silence doesnt have anything to do with physical sounds. It's all bout isolation from outer world. silence is wat u feel when u've plugged in ur fav music n u dont listen to any other voice, loose urself in deep thoughts and u dont even realise that the song is over.
or silence is something wat u feel when u r looking at some memorable photographs and dont realise there's someone noticing u from behind. silence is something wat u feel when u r driving and u dont realise u r bumping into something coz u r lost in someone's thoughts !!!!

Supernova said...

I agree Specy but instead of Silence, i call it "My World"

Anonymous said...

At times Silence seem to be the biggest barrier between two people and at others, the best conversation...
I remember, when talking to friends on phone, at times, there is only silence, for a whole good 5 mins...and after the call I realize, the best part of the call was those silent 5 mins.. :)