Tuesday, 19 February, 2008

Horrors of covering that distance of 5 km

First the dhamaka news which im sure is dream for most of u: My house is just 5 kms away from my office! (yes yes yesss I can see you go green with envy..huaaaa haha hahahah haha) So the travelling time to office is like just 15 minutes…and oh wait…did I tell you that this 20 minutes INCLUDES the stoppage time at the traffic lights…*evil smile*
For the remaining pure souls who haven’t already closed down the browser window burning in envy (y else wud u give up on my blog huh!?!?), here comes the anti-climax…Its a real pain getting a means to cover this distance.
I did undertake those 15 day car driving courses and got my license as well but I cannot sit behind the steering wheel and maneuver the car safe n sound from one position to another…So the bottom line is that I cant drive and my license serves the sole purpose of my address verification.
That brings me to public transport system
Ah well…thanx to our media, by now every single person in every nick n corner of the country knows what kinda adventure ride it is to travel by the Blueline buses of Delhi…Add to it the office hours and u have the ultimate stunt of going to office hanging out of a crowded bus like a ripe bunch of grapes. So this is completely outta question.
Autorickshaw: Im sure I have mentioned randomly in my earlier posts as well…my office though only a few kms away, falls in the state of Uttar Pradesh. And with some crappy transport law, autorickshaws of one state cant operate in another unless they tk sm sorta pass…so every morning its an exercise of 30 mins of HUNTING FOR AN AUTO n den 15 mins of ride…ofcourse the auto walah in full understanding of his monopoly and your dire need will charge u a bomb but then its either that or reach late *sigh*. Ofcourse there is perennial trouble of chutta or change. He wont be carrying even a tenner with him so its completely upto you to pay him and and get the remaining amount back unless you are feeling rich n generous enuff to say keep the change.
Few days back I found an alternative to this issue as well (u can always trust me to find solutions to problems *smug*)…d gud ol pedal rickshaw. No transport laws governing them and if given an incentive of extra 5 rupees, takes 20-25 mins to cover the distance…but the problem is that it can get quiet scary at times. A road with automobiles running at speed of nthng less den 60 kmph n if anything less den honking lk mad…picture a humble innocent peddle rickshaw trapped between a blueline on left side and another bus on right. Behind you are 3-4 cars and all the other nick-n-corners r sealed by bikers…n when the traffic light goes green, u can imagine the rush n everyone’s irritation and cant-we-walk-over-it feeling is so thick, its almost tangible! L
*sigh* all this for a mere 5 kms. Im thinking of either start walking that distance (ok im kidding! ) or buy a car…(hey im not kidding abt dis one). Lets see how this works out. Meanwhile I gotta decide how im gonna get back home today..hope I find an auto.


Djinn said...

If you are feeling rich, how about getting a chauffer driven car and if you are feeling super rich, how about getting a hot air ballon landing right on the roof of your office.

Spectator said...

in mumbai, the fastest mean to reach the destination is our very own feet !!! thanks to glamourous traffic !!!!

btw, watch out for typos dear... i read a very meaningful line here:
the problem is tha tit can get quiet scary at times lolzzzzzzzzzzz !!! thats right, they r scray :P

Supernova said...

Djinn: If im puttnig in my money in buying a car, y give sm1 else the pleasure of riding it?? as for hot air balloon, well ppl mite get tempted to puncture it...too big a risk

Specy: Oops! dat was deadly indeed. neways, the error is rectified now.

Neeraj said...

Oh..some tits are scary indeed.never mind! i would assume that's the latest trend in SMS writing.

BaKfIrE said...

He he ...so you are bak to your old mode..:)

Supernova said...

Neeraj: Seems lk Spectator's comment is getting more attention then my post! :O :(

Bakfire: Ah! dont bet on that bakfire...i keep on shuttling between the 2 forms...see my next post ;)

matty said...

and i thought u were lucky...

nice post...