Thursday, 20 March, 2008

A pathetic week

Warning: This is going to be an out-n-out cribbing post. So only the ones who have sampled my cribbing before should take the risk of reading further…don’t say I dint warn u.
I am in a terrible mood des days. And the blistering hot weather and stuff around me is also not really helping me out.
The temperature levels in delhi are outrageous considering that its only mid-march! What are we gonna face in May-June…possibly bread will be toasted by merely getting exposed to the sunlight for 10 minutes, hospitals will have patients flooding in with burn issues..60% burns, 80% burns! Infact, there wont be any burnt for dowry news, the victim would be merely made to stand in the sunlight. Imagine the amount of natural resources that’ll be saved if people start cooking in their gardens with nothing other than an iron plate. You could make your omlette or paranthas or anything on that!
To add to the weather, there is Holi. Now this is one festival which is very controversial in terms of its duration. Traditionally, holi is of 2 days. Corporates and companies do not recognize the 1st day and so ofcourse there is no chutti so for them holi is just one day. What makes it worse is that NOT ALL companies follow this. So while some give you just one day leave, others give out a 2 day holiday.
Me: Heya!
Frnd: Happy holi
Me: Ya. Sam2u.
Frnd: Tell me, you have a holiday tomorrow?
Me: No yaar, office L
Frnd: Yipppeeee!!! Yahooooo!
Me: huh ????
Frnd: I have a holiday!!
Me: !!!!!!
I still wonder if she was happy coz she got an extended weekend or coz I DINT get it?
So I have an office tomorrow. And it’s surely going to be a mess thanks to a bunch of lunatics for whom holi is week long! So during this period they just can’t stand the sight of a colourless and neat person in holi season. So what if you are just a passerby and they don’t even know you! Holi is for everyone…so BANG! And you are hit by a balloon bomb…Holi hai!!
Things are nor particularly nice in office either. I had my 1st messed up campaign in my career and im supremely bugged about it…Even though I wasn’t very optimistic about it but it was challenging for sure. The worst part is that somehow I’m not feeling like doing anything these days…and this sucks…sucks as in SUCKS!! Maaan I wish it rains here…let it just pour like crazy!


Spectator said...

eeeeeewwww...!!! same here !!! life is totally messed up this week... i got damaged physically, financially n wat not !!! n holiday for tomorrow... i've to work ! only hope is cloudy sky.

i guess, it's the april effect !!!

Spectator said...

n nobody reads my blog :(

ancientmariner said...

is it that hot...i thot it would be pleasant...well if it rains you ll have associated rain issues, if it snows you will have more issues:-)...happy holi BTW:-)

SBTVD said...

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BaKfIrE said...

happy holi...well my office was off today...and the climate right now here is superb ..a heavy rain in the morning ...then a warm and cozy day all along...wonderful. nw dont crib at me!

Nautanki Theater Group said...

i guess someone is really pissed off!!

but ur post really gave me chills..
i mean..
i happily put Delhi as my place of preference to join for my job!!

now i wonder whats gonna happen!!

Supernova said...

Specy: I swear specy but wat if it continues in May as well!?!

Ancientmariner: Hey! only one person is allowed to call me a cribber on my blog..n dats ME.

sbtvd: I surely will

Bakfire: U r evil n sadistic

Matty: Delhi is city of extremes but still has its limits. When its hot, its oo hot u'll get sun burn but not enough that the trees catch fire. and in cold, it freezes ur fingers but it dsnt snow here