Tuesday, 25 March, 2008

Last 24 hours

Trust Specy to come up with something weird everytime. From a guy who takes months (literally) to complete a tag himself, he has created a tag of his own!
So the tag says, “What all would you do if you come to know that you are going to die in next 24 hours?
Now this is as per the assumption that I will not die before 24 hours no matter what I do. And neither will I fall ill or get hurt.
Here goes:
Firstly, I’ll stop all the clocks and watches around me. Don’t want to spent time looking at it every nano second.

I would jump off a building, facing the sky with my hands outstretched…I wud’ve liked to try this from a mountain peak but that would require wasting time in travelling.

Walk in the middle of a busy road…normally stray cows do dis and its fun seeing how ppl try to steer away their vehicles from it. (Im NOT calling myself a stray cow ok...just that it gives a kinda royal feel to think that ppl are trying to get outta der way to make space for u.)

Drive a crane or a road roller…actually a monster truck but I don’t think I’ll get it here. Oh! Did I mention that I don’t even know how to drive a car?

Now after this stunt of mine, obviously mamus will be after me so I’ll perform a Lara Croft style stunts and jumping across the moving buses and all save myself…rmbr, I CANNOT die before 24 hours.

would shop, shop and shop buying all sorta clothes I always thought would be pathetic to buy...with my credit card.

Eat likes there is no tomorrow (there wont be…lolz)

I’ll go on all those super whako and crazily scary rides in amusement parks.

Write loads and loads of crazy things on my blog...bitching full-on saying things I had always wanted to say...I’ll even go to name taking.

I guess if im able to accommodate dis much in 24 hours without over stressing myself then its ok.

Last one hour of my life I’ll spend by just being with myself thinking about my life gone by…if I am able to smile at the end of it, den all of it was worth it.

Ok now I tag:
Ancient mariner
Lazymad man

Lets see what you ppl come up with.


Spectator said...

looks like u r too pissed with traffic around. if u'll do ur stray cow stunt, ppl will ruin ur last 24 hours as well... n why u want to look back to ur life in last hour???? after n hour, nothing is gonna matter !!! u wont even know the meaning of smile after n hour !!!!

Nautanki Theater Group said...

nice one..

i really thought u were reffereing urself as a stary cow!!:P

well try to do this tag soon

geet said...

hahaha... very nicely written nova.

today i had a near to death experience..but am fine now. and yes i got only one thought .. how would my parents/sis/BF/friends react if i die... they will be shattered and that made cry more but i kept saying myself..geet do wont die just be calm ....

BaKfIrE said...

For change i was thinking about the experience death would be going thru (ummm... death is personified)
" she thinks she can walk away from me ????@#$@#$@#%!!! "

Supernova said...

Specy: Wat crap...dat was such a morbid thought. Still i wud like to look back n smile :)

Matty: I just knew you all will think on these lines itself :P

Geet: OMG! Dats terrible gal, hope u r fyn now. Such events are defientely hard on those who love u

Bakfire: WOW!! Dat was sooooooo you. so when can i expect a post on these lines from you?