Thursday, 11 October, 2007

Dikha de Signaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal

Believe it or not, dats literally what I have been singing for the past one month.. my mobile phone signal is acting up des days..dis when I shifted to supposedly ‘the best mobile service provider of the country’ (umm lets not get into names ok)!. in this fast tracked and gizmo dependant life where you talk to friends on msgr, orkut n ur cellphone more often den u actually meet them, if ur cellphone signal ditches you, its almost as good as being in solitary confinement (none of my dearest pals is net-savvy so orkut n msgr is outta question)!
U all know, what a big headache switching ones mobile number is…informing all n sundry abt ur new contact number, getting it changed in the bank n office records blah blah blah. The connection I had been using for the past 2 years was not a very good one..infact it had its share of outta-network-coverage days and anyways was notorious as common-man’s-network. After much prodding from friends and all, I shifted to this so called better network in September (80% of my frnd circle was on this network) only to realize that my cell doesn’t catch signal AT ALL from my place! And dis is when the signal tower is like 300m away from my house!! On contacting the authorities was another fite..the customer care executive flatly refused to believe that I am having signal troubles (‘maam dats impossible..theres a signal tower rite der’) Finally wen I was able to contact these ppl, I got to know that it’s the problem with ONLY MY HOUSING SOCIETY and nowhere else in that area. Talk of being special huh! *rolling eyes*
So the moment I reach home, im outta reach for the rest of the world. The signal I get is like too meek to last more den 2 minutes..worst part is when my friend is all but bursting out wid enthu to share some juicy piece of news with me and while she is talking, the line got cut..i get her call some 10 minutes later asking me at what point I lost her (apparently, in her story telling mode, she dint realize the dead line and continued till continous silence at my end made her suspicious..lolz:D). After many such repeated instances, all my friends have given up on they either call me during the day time when I am busy in office or its we’ll-talk-wen-u-can-stand-the-entire-c0nversation.
And before you suggest, No I cannot change my number back to old one or some other provider. Too many people have my number now…and they are official contacts.
Last week I thought it was the end of my troubles..the day Vodafone was launched, suddenly I had perfect network signal even in the basement. Customer retention plan I thought. But dis weekend again I went outta coverage area…
To top it all on those rarest of rare days when my phone is showing full signal, it notifies my callers as switched off or out of reach. *sigh* will troubles never cease.Strange how can des ppl even afford to have such kinda customer complains unanswered esp with such close competition in the market…Maybe I will shift to another network (*this is in vain hope that someone working in a mobile service providing company will read this blog, get inspired and hunt down all such complains in his network)


Spectator said...

u changed ur number!?!?!?!?!?!?
n ya, even i m bugged by this network prob in delhi ...!!! surprised??? everytime i call a frn of mine who's in delhi, i get an automated answer "The customer u r dialing is out of reach..." n that too, in male voice, totally irritating !!! This frn has to climb all the way to terrace to talk over the phone !!! lolz ! delhi is too congested !

ancientmariner said...

seems to be a persistent problem...even blore has its own share of 'network unreachable' network busy' etc ...hope the providers read ur blog:-)

Hershey Desai said...

oooo lets.... come on..give thy name. I already know what it is, and I so very much love to make fun of this service.

and interesting I should read this today coz... my current best friend(and probably in the not so distance future girlfriend-to-be) said the same thing...
we talk to each other on a daily basis...but only via messenger or orkut or sms..we don't even call. And yet we have grown fond of each other...
what kind of a twisted start is that..

imagine someone telling his friend, "yea man.. i love her... i can't live without her... eh? her voice? I have no idea how it sounds like"

anyway, with the problem you are experiencing only one of two things can be true.

1. The service sucks(95% chance of being true)
2. Your cellphone sucks(5% chance)

Supernova said...

Spectator: I dint tell you? Oops!

Ancientmariner: Smhw glad to know im not alone in my grief. maybe misery indeed loves company

Hershey: My cell phone is perfectly fine...its the netwrk dats a pain.
n all the best for ur unique love life...hope it wrks out for u:)