Wednesday, 17 October, 2007

Not making much sense

As I write this post, there is that live concert playing in the background (if you have a lost and clueless expression on ur face at this line, read this). They are playing a number from Himesh Reshammiya. And I find it irritating to no end. This makes me question why exactly do I hate it? His voice is a pain-in-u-know-wat but he isn’t crooning with these band wallahs na. They are simply playing his music which incidentally used to be quiet good (b4 it got repetitive). Guess we are so much into himesh hating mode that it dsnt matter if he sings or not…we’ll abuse with anything related to him in sight.

One of my collegues is really pissed coz he cudnt talk to the client with all dis noise in the background. I guess he also praying for this wedding season to get done with or maybe for some sound proofing done for our office.

Though spicy food dsnt bother me much bt rite now my mouth is on fire!!! And since its on fire, its watering. Ironical na.

Today I had to brief a new joinie about my part of work...just tell her what exactly I do and all dat. It was good..i got to play the Ms.all-too-important *smug look*. Realised that many things I had no clue about…had to save my face somehow...lolz:D

Accent seems to be my major issue these days that i am dealing with. I am talking to people in South of India and getting my point across and understanding their words is a big pain..esp when we have to exchange e-mail IDs!

Its so irritating when your internet connection starts crawling. A tiny 1Mb mail takes lk 10 mins to move its ass outta ur outlook outbox and wen that mail comes back undelivered..aaaaaaarrgh!

Height of fearing blueline travel: I come to office 45 minutes early everyday coz I get a lift with my mom. Sigh! For this stupid ride, I get up 45 minutes early, get dressed early and am sitting at my chair with the office guy doing the morning dusting and cleaning of the office furniture. But on the whole I don’t really mind it…gives me time to settle down in my work and all.

Today I got a letter from my bank effectively telling me that I need to have a minimum balance of Rs.10000 if I want to avail the ATM facility. WTF!!! As in I need to maintain this balance at all times. Imagine if u have your monthly salary of this amount- You can’t withdraw your 1st salary from any ATM!! And the very next line was some crap about good customer service. Bah!

Got this book from
lazyman called 'Notes To Myself' and seriously Im hooked. Its like there are some doubts budding in your mind since long and you never discussed them, not even with yourself coz u just never had words to put them in. And then someday you hear the words giving shape to thoughts in your mind. They rnt ur words but they are your thoughts. You hear/read them and u r like, "This is wat i wanted to say but dint know it until this moment." Thats wat this book has done to me. Though I dont agree with all the answers, it gave words to my questions. Thnx dude!

I guess that's it for now. I started putting it down yesterday at the end of my day and carried it to today my day has started. Hope it goes better :)


Spectator said...

jjjhhhhesus christ !!! live performance of himeeeessss bhaiya's songs !!! i m wondering why u haven't committed suicide yet ! n u know wat ... i got two ATM cards for the same account... they issued it by mistake !!! ICICI rocks ! anyway, this post sounds like nothing is in favour of u... take care, BlueLine is not everyone's frn !

Neeraj said...

You really don’t know what to say on random scribbling. I am glad this lazyman has something constructive to offer.
Keep reading and keep writing. God Bless.

Cold & Silent..... said...

just like v dont really know y we vote in the stupid politicians (who r all da same useless crap)..........
u never know y u hate himesh......
but i do hate him.:)

Adarsh said...

Himesh Re-shamiya..aka... TORTURE.
Collect 10 Rs. from each of your office-mates and give that to the Band Party to STOP it :)
I guess peace of mind can't get cheaper :P
"...since its on fire, its watering. Ironical na." ... TOTALLY and i would missed that if u didn't point it.
Have a nice office day :)

Adi Crazy said...

Reshamyia Live??? Hello?? Are you still alive? Can you hear voices around you now?


What a torture man! May you have peace soon. And BTW, I wnat that book as well....who's the writer?

Supernova said...

Spectator: It was more the band version of himesh's music bt ya torture full on. my day wasnt all dat bad...dunno y it snds lk dat.
n dat blueline thng...funny comin from sm1 sittin in chennai:P

Neeraj: I admit i can never be completely random. there is some sense in my random thoughts as well.

C&S: Welcome to my blog space buddy:)

Adarsh: Thnx n same 2u:)

Adi: Ya im alive n i can hear you loud and clear. n i aftr readin ur latest post on hw u hate all des self help type buks, i wud suggest (though u hate ppl suggestin as well) dat u stay away from dis 1 gal:P + i dont rmbr the author name. i'll tell u.

matty said...

well to be frank..its always a pleasure to see ur blog..
i kinda love ur writing style..
and a good post!
well by the dude..i am a South Indian to.. and believe me all are not that bad!!

BaKfIrE said...

pretty much described ur life's day .... i gues new guy is recruited to fill in ur shoes ....the atm card also tells me the same ....beware!!!

Rejoy said...

seems like the unwanted music is a constant refrain in ur blog posts... and yeah bout the new joinee part, its a nice feeling, superiority complex, i mean ;)