Sunday, 26 August, 2007

Small Things

Different people think differently (some dont even bother thinking), perceive the same situation with a different angle and thus react differently. What's normal to you might be a big deal for
someone else...Problems arise when we dont understand this:
"How could he say that? He doesnt care for my feelings...Im just another person for him."
"WTF! Why is she making such an issue outta it?"
Both of you keep on defending your own stand, your own ground and before you realize you have crossed the point of no return. So what could have been an interesting and meaningful journey, you posted the sign of THE END there yourself, all the while wondering whats going on? Y is dis happening?
And what makes it so terribly worse is that its indeed not a very big issue...just some miniscule misunderstanding, some prank gone awry. All it needed was some patience, understanding and a will to save the relationship. Its not that you dont value it but just shedding a few tears and cursing god over Y-this-is-happening-to-me dsnt serve the purpose.
So engrossed we become in our own point of views that we just dont step into other person's shoes and look @ it from his/her perspective. He/She might also be right na? And its not like flipping the coin that either he is right or u r!! You both could be right at your own places...but the idea is to make a move, an effort to salvage something you value, you cherish.
Ego, hurt, shattered expectations or just that empty feeling of Its-all-over stops you from taking that extra step, that one small move that might have been all that was needed. And at times, its truely worth it:)

Am I making any sense? IDC but just felt like putting it up here.


wacko said...

hmm..this feeling's been lurking everywhere round the blogsphere these days..believe me..wonder if august has to do with it...augury comes from august so maybe :P

hmm...misunderstandings indeed are disastrous..and they are so bound to happen considering the extent of egoistic teenagers existing these wonder am one of em too!

cheers! you truly bring one of the most realistic faces of today's life...

ancientmariner said...

makes PERFECT sense...misunderstandings get amplified when people dont take the pains to clarify..n it gets exacerbated when people dont understand even after the clarifications !!!!...phew...thts life..:D

Spectator said...

multiplication of feelings :D

Rebellion said...

You sure make perfect sense. I've gone thru this, guess almost every person has to go thru this at least once in life coz we're all egoistic to some extent and when we think we're right & still hurt, our ego doesn't let us take the first step. Not necessarily an apology, but thats where understanding plays the biggest part.

Nursing your ego doesn't do any good dear, trust me. I'm experienced, both ways. Just as the wise men say, "sorry kehne se koi chota nahi ho jaata", I agree with that quite a lot. Once a while, you gotto crush your ego & move ahead, if you don't want your feelings to get crushed and trust me, you won't lose respect with that :)

All the Best :)
Hope the situation gets better soon.
Hugs to you dear >:D<

Supernova said...

Wacko: 1st, welcome to my blog:)
2nd, no clue abt dis..havnt encountered it anywhere. Since Aug is near end, i surely hope u r rite n its just a matter of a few more days:)

Ancient Mariner: Rito buddy:)

Spectator: ????

Rebellion: mmmmm I guess u r rite bt beyond a point u just cant help it. if u r an egoist, its part of u to give it imp.

Rebellion said...

Hasn't the phase ended dear?
Update please. Maybe it changes the mood :)