Monday, 20 August, 2007

Weird is the word

As suggested by Ancient Mariner, I tagged myself to do this Weird tag. As a sequel to this previous tag (there has been an update on this post so please check), I hereby list down a few weird things about myself. (*Though I dont find most of them weird by any standard, dats the reaction I normally get from people:D)

Weird me 1: I am very whimsical by nature. I get bored and disinterested in things very quickly. Today I am crazy about something after a week I may not even be interested in having a look at it! A case in point would be Tere Bin by Atif Aslam. Once this song could stop me dead in my track and now at times i dont even realise if its playing.

Weird me 2: I laugh at most of the things; even those which are considered sad. So incase, you happen to meet with a road accident while speeding and break a few bones chances are that I might burst into a fit of laughter...that doesn't mean that I am laughing AT you; just that im laughing at the situation.

Weird me 3: I cannot stand cigrettee smoke. So much so that I couldn't even stand seeing someone smoking!! It was a major majoooooooor wala turn-off (things are a little better now). So my freinds and all either will had to wait for me to leave or position me someway so that the smoke dsnt reach me or if nothing of this sort can work then sit a few tables away n smoke away to glory. There isnt any sad story or history behind this...its something i just developed dunno when.

Weird me 4: I am bad at taking favors. Maybe its an ego issue or some sorta superiority complex...dunno. I can help out all n sundry to the max i can do for them but somehow I'll never ask someone to help me or do me a favor. If i just have to then its indeed quiet an effort for me.

Weird me 5: I dont like red colour....anything in it. n dat includes flowers. (Personally I dont find anything funny in it but then dats the reaction I get from people around me so...)

Weird me 6: I tend to become very quiet and withdrawn all at a moments times even when I am talking to someone. Suddenly I'll wish to be left alone n just be with myself. Its kinda weird for the person I am with @ that time. He/She gets totally zapped n perplexed trying to figure out what happened to her? Did I happen to say something? lolz!!!!!:D

Weird me 7: I absolutely completely hate anyone touching my hair unless Iam at a parlor for a hair cut!!! Some people have this habit to pat u on ur head or run a hand through your hair...I somehow find it very creepy..Eewwwwww!

Weird me 8: Like I said here as well, Its tuff for me to utter this SORRY. As in, not until I really really mean it. Though just a word, I cant deliver it unless I really feel guilty. People around me consider it as I am simply not ready to accept my mistake.

The list can go on but lets put a stop here...i have a feeling its not very complimentary to me. Though I wasnt exactly tagged, I will tag the following people to complete this
n all those who read this...consider urself tagged:)


Adi Crazy said...

Hey! I completed my tag. Visit my bolg and see. :)
And hey, you tagged me again?

ancientmariner said...

For 6:, you are not alone, I had the fortune of being in the company of one such person who exhibited the same behavior as you described.I was the epitome of patience but then even rubber cannot be stretched beyond a certain limit..So spare a thought for you friends and near n dear ones who might have to put up with these 'mood swings'..

Rejoy said...

cool... seems like u are getting a kick out of the introspection thing... and i can relate with 3 and 4... but not 5 since red almost defines me :)

Rebellion said...

Alright! I know I'm weird, maybe too weird, but that doesn't mean you all keep pointing it out to me time & again! I've already done the weird tag yaar, kitni baar karun? :/ ;P

Btw, I can say an absolute ditto to points # 1,3,4,6 & partly with #2 & 7 too. Coool. So a weird Supernova = an almost similar weird Rebellion. hehehe ;P

PS: Yeah I know, I'm obsessed to ";P"

Supernova said...

Adi: Yup i tagged u again:P now do dis one:P

Ancient Mariner: lolz:D i understand but unfortunately this phenomena is not something under control. it just happens!

Rejoy: Thanks:)

Rebellion: Sorry baba, i dint know u had already done this one:(
So 2 weird gals in the blogging world!

BaKfIrE said...

psycho...thats waht ppl call me here...i am game with u for 1,2,3,4,6,7,8- so you can add that tag too. welcome to the club! :)

Spectator said...

wow. it feels weird even while posting this comment !!! btw, u're gonna be tagged in my next post !!!

Rebellion said...

:O :O :O
"//Its tuff for me to utter this SORRY"
:O :O :O
So I consider myself as the privileged one :D
Probably, first one the blog world

*raises collar in pride* heheeh :)

Supernova said...

Bakfire: Thnx!

Spectator: Is dat a threat or revenge?

Rebellion: oh ya, consider urself privileged. waise i meant for more serious situations.

Di said...

3,4 and 6 is me tooo :D and ive already done the tag dear.. twice!