Wednesday, 5 September, 2007

Teacher's Day

Early morning as soon as I signed in my messenger, heard my friend N rant, "Yaar im feeling like going to school today."
Now I could have expected anything but this. Y school? All of a sudden after all these years! And y dis sudden urge to re-visit the bygone era?
"Y? What happened?" I asked half expecting her to mad-mouth her job and the professional life.
"What do u mean by asking Y!! You havnt forgotten its teachers day, have you?" She asked in an accusing tone.
For 2 secs, everything came to a stand still. Today is teacher's day. Today is teachers day. Today is teachers day...somehow i kept on repeating dis to myself trying to analyse what do i feel..maybe i was expecting a feeling of nostalgia or jusr a small smile of rememeberance only but definetly not what I felt at that moment: NOTHING.
Quiet a contrast to our school days when Teacher's day used to be something next to annual day & sports day in terms of excitement and preps.
We used to give hand made cards to our teachers with the best card reserved for ones fav teacher (obviously one giving max marks in tests and least homework:P).
Dance practice sessions, skits made with tongue in cheek jokes on the teachers or a poems n ballads tellin them how much they mean to us regardless of all the names we used to 'fondly' bestowed on them.
One of the highs of this day used to be playing a teacher. Wearing a saree, being a grown up and playing teacher to the classes junior to you...a license to bully them actually:P Since wearing a saree was not an everyday task, discussions used to begin weeks in advance for the kinda saree one could procure from mom (it was almost a dress rehersal for farewell parties to follow some years on).
And ofcourse it was a day of no-studies in school; something even better den a holiday:D At the end of it all, it was a day of connecting with those who played a major role in shaping our personality- Our Teachers.
And after a mere time gap of 5 years, I dint even remember the day...does dat mean that i dont care? or dat im too caught up with things happening in my life?
And incase any of my teachers happen to stumble on my blog and this post, I thank you all for giving me right direction and guidance & making me the kinda person I am today (this is a compliment ok:P)
How many of you (those who are done with your school ofcourse) remembered its teacher's day today?


Spectator said...

wow !!! it's teacher's day today !!!

Rebellion said...

I did remember it was teachers day & missed my school days too. I'm still in touch with one teacher, who taught me a/c's, after having finished with my studies 7 years back. Must admit that for the first time in all these years, I forgot to call her y'day. Thanks to your post that I remembered it today and just called. Wish I'd read your post y'day :|

ancientmariner said...

i sure did coz my mom's a teacher and i used to wait for the lovely gifts her students used to present her so that I could use it..:-)

Supernova said...

Supernova: So dis post worked as a reminder huh

Rebellion: U rmbrd it was teacher's day and forgot to call ur fav teacher...ummm im kinda confused:P

Ancient Mariner: Well den u simply dont have any option but to rememeber.

wacko said...

hmm..o yes! uve truly made me recollect each and every memory ive had during my school days..those functions, getting ourselves dressed as teachers and visiting! ive had so much fun

rock on

Adi Crazy said...

I love school
I want my school days backkkk!!!

Rebellion said...

Don't get so confused. I'm like this only. I'd thought il call her by evening bu then got busy with something, so forgot :/

But I spoke to you y'day :D

s.H.a.S.h.I said...

ya loved my school days,.. n all my teachers.. though not all ... lol.. nice blog btw.. keep it up..

Supernova said...

Wacko & Adi: Glad to drive u down the memory lane:)

Rebellion: u talked to ME:O:O!!!

shashi: Welcome to my blog:)

Rebellion said...

HOLY SCHIT! Sowwie yaar. I meant I spoke to "HER" yesterday. This also happens to me often, coz even tho I'm writing something, something totally different runs in my mind, which is never idle ;P

Di said...

i remembered tht evening :) and was reminded of teachers and celebrations we enthusiastically planned once upon a time :)