Wednesday, 25 August, 2010

Revival failed

Ummm knock knock


Anyone here...

Any old world reader who still remembers this humble blog?

Or a new age cyber wanderer who accidently discovered my abandoned abode?

Aaaah...there I see one. A sight as dear as of water in desert. OR wait...that's me only :(


Ok so my supposed revival did not turn out to be one after all. But hey I intended to (surely that counts for something...lil bit?)

First it was the no-blogging intertia that was hard to break. I would stare with my fingers positioned on the keyboard...all waiting for something to pop up in my head and write about it...a  social issue (well i always start big), a grand idea...ok maybe something interesting in some movie I watched last week or last month? A thought? Damn even a word will do.
But zilch...absolutely nothing. And that is very unlike me whose mind is always swarming with thoughts and questions. :( :(

To top it, there was nothing interesting happening in my life as such. So there was nothing to write  about. 

And then, I joined a company and there was too much happening that I had no time to scribble anything here. A lot happened (A crux of which will come some other time) and a lot is yet expected.

But I will be here again..I promise. 
hope to see you too :) :) :)


Spectator said...

u changed the looks !!!

Supernova said...

Yaa I came to blogger after ages...its changed a lot.

Somehow im not able to let go of this one :(

ancientmariner said...

been a while. Stopped blogging?

Supernova said...

Umm kinda. I shifted to a wordpress platform (not connected to this blog)..but not very active there as well.

How are things at your end?

Unknown User said...

Don't worry Supernova. The Internet has a lot of freeloaders like me looking for blogs to comment on :)