Thursday, 12 November, 2009


This blog had been abandoned for almost a year now. I could say it was in hibernation but I would be lying. I could not write with Supernova...the star was meeting an early death. But since I dint have the guts to honour it with a farewell, i abandoned it. Left it to starve itself to death. And I think its quite dead indeed.
But now here I am to give it life saving drug.
Dunno why. But then thats not important. After all, there wasnt any important reason why I started it in the first place...soo scratch that.
I dont know when will I write again here...what will I write here.
Only that for now, Supernova stands REVIVED.


Neeraj said...

Good Lord...Lemme use that drug as well..need that badly..Anywaz..welcome back...Cheers!

Spectator said...

mubaarak ho !

BaKfIrE said...

Welcome back!!! how come media got the wind of this :P

Anonymous said...

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