Monday, 7 January, 2008

Turning 50!!

Cut the cake, pop out the champagne and sing birthday wishes…so what if we dint celebrate birth of JLT, we are today celebrating 50th post of JLT. *applause* sure you all are super enthu abt hearing some words of wisdom from JLT about his journey to this landmark where not many blogs are able to reach or if they do, just don’t bother recognizing the importance. Hey u! wat r u trying to imply by that rolling eyes expression of urs huh???
Anyways, so who better to interview JLT den its associate and owner (this is to tell who the boss is) SUPERNOVA.
S: Hey buddy, so u r 50 now eh..gud going.
JLT (the ever sarcastic): I’ll tk ur statement as bday wish.
S: So lets go back to how u got started.
JLT: Me...well it was all your doin..if u wrnt so surrounded by bloggers and blog discussions in your previous work place, not to mention so piled up wid things inside u dat desperately needed a vent out…I don’t think I wud have cum into existence.
S: So tell me, hw it has been so far huh? Pretty gud im sure.
JLT (and also the perennial cribber): Oh ya? u wudnt have said d same if someone was using YOU purely as a confession box.
S: Ahem ok so dat was y u were created..u r atleast serving ur happy about it.
JLT gives out a nasty grunt
S:Oh cudnt have been so bad, was it. (a look saying dont-u-dare-say-otherwise is passed)
JLT: Umm ya good enuff though it would have been a lot better if der were more comments but den its ok..who cares anyways.
S: Oh but u have a few loyal readers…ders a niche readership dat u enjoy. How kewl is dat.
JLT: Ummm ya wateverrr
S: So any great achievements?
JLT: Ah well! I managed to keep myself alive so long dats a gud one. Plus induced some sm slacky bloggers lk Spectator to be more regular wid der blogging even though now dey seem to be doing d same.
S: So wat tuk u so long to cum up wid ur 50th post…almost a month..u have never been away for dis long.
JLT: Uh-huh..Lady wen u turn 50 and people cum asking you questions about your 1st day in the world, den u cum to me n we’ll discuss y it tuk me soo long.
S: ok F-i-ne. U know it wont hurt if u can put a cap on ur cribbing and sarcasm.
JLT: Tell the person who logs in to blogger account n pukes out all dis crap in my name.
S: Ahem ok so dats it for now. Before u practically kill me by ur sheer sneering, im off.

*The 50th post of such a random blog cudnt have been anything even remotely sensible :P


Spectator said...

congratulations girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur blog turned 50 !!!!!!!!!! so now behave like a serious blogger n stop killing ppl with boring posts :P

Spectator said...

n btw, this post was disappointing. i expected a blast !!!!!!!

Supernova said...

Arrey nahi specy...after 50 posts, now i have EARNED my right to pakaofy ppl wid boring blog posts...wasnt dis a supremely boringone after a log long time huh.

As for disappointing..well dude.. wen did i say i write for anyone other den me ;)

Spectator said...

btw, ur blog is jawaan now... n as u know, jawaan blogs r like khooli tijori ;)

so wat i was thinking is i've a proposal for ur blog :D rishta manzoor hai ???

S Ramanathan said...

congrats, keep writing!

durjoy datta said...

a totally different post!
interesting read...!

Supernova said...

Spectator: Nahi. tu mere blog ke layak nahi :P

S Ramanathan: Thnx :)

Durjoydutta: i thot dis was my most boring post u found it interesting huh..smthng wrong wid my perception or urs? lolz :D

matty said...

well...not bad..but
after one month of hibernation i thought u would come back with a really "typical supernova super" posts..
keep writing girl..
and all i hope this new year..
that JTL hits a century soon..and
hopefully the "fastest" century!!