Wednesday, 29 October, 2008

Diwali Resolutions

First things first....HAPPY DIWALI to all :)
How was yours? Mine was toh super tiring...all i did was made 2 huge rangolis that took me 3 hours to make...and today morning, every single muscle in my body is making its presence felt...screaming out loud! Will post pics of my fruit of labour soon.
Another good thing i did this time was making Diwali Resolutions...and its not without a reason.
You see, New year resolutions are anyways jinxed. They were cursed to be broken always. Im yet to meet a person who can successfully claim to have made a resolution and keep it. So i moved on to Diwali resolutions and makes sense too since anyways Diwali marks beginning of a new year as per hindi calender.

So here are my diwali resolutions...and i intend to keep them..till next Diwali atleast
  • I was in this terrible habit of posting my updates on Google Talk and Facebook. Its terrible coz at times when im in not so good mood and still post it, friends get worried and i (being what i am) dont share it with them....dsnt make sense na. So no updates on Gtalk and Facebook.
  • Abe, oye, moron, jackass, F word, loser etc. these were my everyday terms (include a few from our mother tongue as well). While they are not exactly galiyaan but kinda abusive. Now all these not-so-polite terms are gonna be barred from my speech.
  • Sweetie, sweetz, darlin, dude, boss, babez etc were another segment of endearments that were soo much a part of me. My frnds must have hardly heard their name from me...though i still love them as i always did, its time for these endearments to make an exit. This is important since at times they tumble out when they are not supposed to...gets kinda embarrassing that time.
  • Gotta increase my level of patience...i get pissed at the drop of a hat...counteless number of people call me sadu :(
Dats all for 1st Diwali. One shouldn't push too hard for anything right. Wish me luck guys... Will let you know how well i fared :)

Let me know if any of you got inspired and tuk up a Diwali resolution of your own.


Shantanu said...

A good Deal of Post Mortem done :-)
Anyways Happy Diwali!!


Unknown User said...

I made a Rangoli too. Its in my sister's facebook album

saphire said...

happy diwali to u too! rangoli picss?? :)

ancientmariner said...

happy diwali...and those resolutions were broken in ?? hrs/days/weeks ?...

Rejoy Panakkal said...

what? no F word? we all love Fishing a lot...

and yup, a belated diwali from a belated commentator...